5 Unusual Places in Kashmir Everyone is Talking About

5 Unusual Places in Kashmir Everyone is Talking About!

It’s not just because of Kashmir’s beautiful landscapes that Kashmir is called “Heaven On Earth”. Kashmir has so much more to offer. This epitome of India offers much more to its visitors, regardless of whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a nature lover. The northern tip of India is Kashmir, where you will find the deceits of Kashmir, nestled between snow-covered mountains and sparkling green valleys. Its charming charm and incomparable beauty earned it the title of “Heaven on Earth”.

The valley of Kashmir is rich in history, culture, natural phenomena, and political controversy. Tourists will love the spicy flavours of local cuisines, various teas, trekking, staying in houseboats, visiting holy shrines, and other activities. Shopping here is a great way to get acquainted with the local textiles and their craftsmanship.

Kashmir, a state at the top end of North India, is often in the news because of its stunning beauty and the many conflicts that are taking place in the state. We went to Kashmir to see the tourist sites, despite being sceptical of our dear ones.

We all know Kashmir is a “Paradise on Earth”, and Kashmir for many is love. This little piece of heaven is home to everything, from unimaginable meadows to exotic valleys, snow-capped mountains, and heavenly hills. These are not only the tourist spots but the unique places you should visit in Kashmir on your Kashmir Honeymoon Tour.



Yusmarg is also known as “Jesus Meadow”, and it’s located at 7500 feet above sea level in Kashmir’s PirPanjal Mountain range. According to legend, Lord Jesus spent several days here enjoying the state’s heavenly beauty. You will be astonished by the beauty of the entire region, which is filled with lush green meadows and dense forests, tall hills, snow-clad mountains, and rich vegetation. This region is ideal for horse riding and camping. You can ski here in winter.


Chatpal, located in the south of Kashmir, is another place worth visiting. It is very similar to Pahalgam in that rolling hills and forests cover the whole region. This is a quiet spot in Kashmir that isn’t crowded and therefore not popular with tourists. If you’re looking for peace and tranquillity, this is the spot for you. This spot is a great place to visit if you are looking for a peaceful getaway from the crowds.


Doodhpathari, or the valley of milk, is one of our favourite places to visit in Kashmir. It is a hill station that boasts lush green meadows and is close to Srinagar. This region, which is located at an astonishing 8,957 feet above sea level, is covered in snow-capped mountains. The valley is surrounded by beautiful meadows of cedar, fir, pine and fir. The valley is closed to winter visitors, but the meadow is open year-round. It is a stunning sight that will make anyone fall in love.


Daksum, at an elevation of approximately 8000 feet, is a paradise for nature lovers and trekkers in Kashmir. It is a hidden gem in Kashmir, located in the middle of the Bhringi River Valley. Daksum is surrounded by lush coniferous forests and a flowing stream that was created by melting glaciers. You will also see many wooden huts along the stream. Daksum is for those who enjoy being alone in nature.


It’s not a mistake to say that we always discover new places when we visit Kashmir. Kokernag was one such place. It is a place that will make you want to live in Kashmir forever. Kokernag, a hidden gem in the Anantnag district, is home to the largest trout fishing operation in Asia. The place is home to many varieties of flowers and plants, and Kokernag is a paradise for non-vegetarians. This place can be visited throughout the year, but the best time to visit is July-September if you want to avoid the cold.

We would love to have visited this little piece of heaven every month if given a chance. Due to the extreme climate conditions, visiting Kashmir within a few months is impossible. It is important to plan your vacation here. This depends on the things you want to do and see. You may want to just relax and take in the beautiful greenery of the region’s summers. You might also be a winter person who loves the cold and snow during winters.

The best time to visit Kashmir

The Summer season in Kashmir is from March to June. Here you can enjoy the lush green meadows and the natural beauty of the region. It is pleasant with temperatures between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. Summer is a great time to explore the beautiful Sonmarg valley, see and review the Tulip Festival, ride on Dal Lake, and adventure trek to the captivating trails of Srinagar and Gulmarg.

The Monsoon season runs from July to September, during which time you can see the Apple picking activity in Kashmir. Monsoons bring heavy rains to Kashmir.

If you love snow and cold, then October to February is the best time to visit Kashmir. The entire Kashmir Valley is blanketed in snow, so this is the best time to see snowfall. Skiing activities are also possible during this time.

How to get around Kashmir

It is easy to travel within Kashmir once you have arrived. Taxis are available to take you anywhere you want to go. Mini-buses are also available if you prefer to travel by them. Buses are actually the most common mode of transport in Kashmir. These mini buses can travel throughout the city and some suburbs. You can also rent a self-drive vehicle if you prefer to travel in your own car.

Many tourists still have reservations about Kashmir today and in the past. This is due to the violence and civil unrest that this beautiful region faces repeatedly. The region has been closed to tourists many times. However, thousands of tourists return to the area once the situation is normal. No matter the current situation in Kashmir, once you see the beauty of the region, you’ll always return for more. We hope you enjoyed our list of unusual places to visit in Kashmir.






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