5 Ways CBD Can Enhance Yoga

Yoga and meditation are an integral part of holistic healing. Yoga merges various stretches and poses that work for multiple muscle groups, thus increasing blood circulation in the body. It smoothly combines exercises and breathing routines that provide overall harmony in your system.

For anyone who practices yoga will concur that yoga gradually heals several ailments in the body. There are many types of yoga and Hatha yoga is the most common form that encompasses physical postures and breathwork. Other forms such as Kundalini yoga are more about spiritual awakening.

As much as this field is wide and comprehensive, so are the ways to approach it. So, practitioners are always seeking a way to enhance their practice. As the use of certain herbs offers many of the benefits, cannabis is one of them and can level out your yoga practice.

However, cannabis has many compounds that can bring variable results. Homegrown cannabis offers you the liberty to decide the ratio and compound composition to suit your needs.   that can serve the purpose.

A new user might be inclined to make use of the CBD compound from a cannabis plant since it doesn’t have psychoactive properties. Here is a rundown on the pros of how CBD can be a great addition to yoga.

1.  It can Help you Focus Better

Whether it’s to maintain a physical posture or to follow a breathing pattern, all yoga practice requires focus. CBD oil can help with this. The human endocannabinoid system has CBD receptors that combine with the external CBD to alter the chemical composition of the neurotransmitters in our nervous system. This process tames stress and excitability in the brain. This leads to the calmness that eventually results in better focus.

You can use CBD oil in food or beverages to ingest it conveniently. It takes some time for your system to absorb CBD from food. So, eating a couple of hours before a session should work fine. However, you may require some experimentation and observation to find the right timing.

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2.  CBD can Help Relieve Sleeplessness

Insomnia or lack of sleep can hinder your practice. Lack of sleep might let you feel sleepy during a session, especially while following deep relaxation poses like savasana. Hence, it is essential to get your sleep cycles in order.


Not only can CBD oil cure insomnia, but it provides a deep sleep. You can vape CBD oil from a vaping pen or vaporizer to get CBD quickly in your system and it’s best to do a vaping session for a good night’s rest.

3.  It Soothes Injuries and Inflammation


A yoga session engages several parts of the body. Some of the postures might be strenuous while others may require you to stay in a position for prolonged hours. Any joint pain, inflammation, or injury can be a big problem to sustain. However anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil can remove such physical stress from your body. So, you can topically use CBD oil in the affected area to relieve the pain and inflammation.

4.  It Helps Improve Digestion

Yoga is a holistic approach, accompanied by food habits that are new to your system. Some practitioners prefer a vegetarian diet to deep clean their system. This change, however, is great in the long run but the vegan source of proteins initially might cause bloatedness in your stomach. Yet, anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil can ease the inflammation in your digestive tract. It also helps you regulate your meal portions to avoid lethargy from overeating by offering you satiety from your food.


5.  CBD can make your relaxation last longer

Yoga brings orderliness and restores a sense of balance in our bodies. Meditation helps to increase mindfulness of our surroundings. Together with other guided meditation practices and positive imagery, one may experience a surge of happiness and boosted levels of the happy hormone dopamine. CBD can help enhance the body’s ability to absorb dopamine. So, it helps in lasting a relaxed feeling in the body for a longer period.

The Bottom Line

More and more people are adopting everyday yoga practices as it works at a physical as well as a mental level, thus it is a well-rounded and sustainable approach towards a lifestyle balance. CBD, when used correctly, can increase its benefits several-fold. However, it is necessary to do it under the guidance of a reliable practitioner. You may also want to see if there are any side-effects. So, it’s advisable to start with a minimum dosage and work your way up as you get more comfortable.


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