There is no shortcut to success. Hard work is undoubtedly the evergreen key to every success. Though hard work always holds the top position in the list of talismans, at times there are some other things that can help you to step onto the stairs of success. Presenting today here is one of such amazing things that makes a huge difference in your achievements i.e., gemstones. Though nowadays you can buy gemstones online, you should know the impacts and benefits of different gems before making any purchase. So that you can pick the best one for you. These supernatural colored pieces of gems are, however, a form of minerals that arise in some beautiful cuts, colors, and designs; they have a prominent significance in Vedic astrology due to their metaphysical properties.

For ancient times, besides crafting beautiful ornaments and stunning pieces of jewelry, gemstones are recommended by astrologers to resolve your personal problems and improve your professional state. Vedic astrology suggests your suitable gem or birthstone as per your birth date, birth chart, and position of stars and planets in your house of the horoscope. Some of the amazing astrological gemstones are said to be a great source of just the virtuous amount of flowing energy you desire for your professional success. Here is a list of a few colored gemstones that act as a lucky mascot in the way of your professional triumph. Let us have a quick look.


Hessonite Gemstone

Hessonite stone aka ‘Gomed Ratan’ is a semi-precious gem of the Garnet mineral family. According to astrologers, this brownish-red shaded gemstone that arises in honey or Cinnamon color is considered to be extremely beneficial for the success and protection of your business. Real Gomed Ring is worn to gain improved success, wealth, power, and position in careers, jobs, and businesses.

Emerald Gem

An emerald or Panna is believed to be the stone for the planet Mercury (Buddha) and Mercury is considered as the planet of business success, communication, intelligence, and intuitions. Henceforth, in terms of career or professional growth, a Natural Emerald is considered the most powerful gemstone. It is said to be of great benefit for Gemini and Virgo Zodiac signs.


Opal is a semi-precious astrological gemstone that is known for its wonderful ‘play of colors’. Besides providing matrimonial harmony and healing infertility and other sexual disorders, this member of the silicate mineral family is worn to fetch professional success in artistic and creative pursuits. Opal is popularly used as a substitute for precious diamonds and bestows you with high social status, sound health, and a luxurious lifestyle.


Ruby Gemstone, popularly recognized as ‘Manik Ratan’ is best to build confidence and induces leadership qualities. By clearing confusion, it helps you increase focus towards your goal and attract success in the professional sector. Its positive aura assists you to overcome your introverted nature and make a great impression on your employer. Wearing a Natural Ruby enhances your creativity level and ensures independence and career success.

Cat’s Eye Gemstone

Cat’s eye or Lehsuniya or Cymophane occurs in a deep brown to honey color. According to Vedic astrology, it is considered as the most effective stone that brings immense wealth and prosperity to its wearer. Natural Lehsunia is seen as an amulet in business. Besides nullifying the negative effects and benefiting in Ketu Maha Dasha, it also helps to recoup lost wealth and resuscitate a closed venture.

Yellow Sapphire Stone

Yellow Sapphire gemstone or Pukhraj ratan, is an eminently precious stone from an astrological perspective. This bright yellow member of the Corundum mineral clan owns an extremely prominent and recognized place in Vedic science. Astrologers and gemologists recommended it not only for enhanced willpower and blissful matrimony but also for professional prosperity. It is regarded as a talisman for business’s fortunes and benefits in the restoration of success in academics, jobs, trade business, and judicial services.

Buy Real Gemstones Online

Owing to their astrological aspect, these above-mentioned natural stones help to ease the process of getting professional success for their wearers. If you want to avail maximum benefits out of your astrological stones then what do you think can be effortless than wearing a piece of jewelry with your gemstone studded..! You can opt for wearing your best one, also you can choose to gift them to your loved ones. Merely, visit an expert astrologer regarding the suitability before investing or wearing such a precious investment. Here in our previous blog are a few necessary tips and tricks that need to be taken into consideration whiling buying gemstones online, read, THINGS TO DOUBLE SURE WHILE BUYING GEMSTONE ONLINE.

Since these gems carry some amazing powers in their natural form, consider purchasing them in their natural and real version for fetching the best results. Nowadays, you can buy them both online as well as offline. In case you are planning for buying them online, verify that you are relying upon only a trusted gemstone website where you are getting a safe worldwide shipping facility together with an easy return option. Regardless o the place you are buying from, always ask for a certificate of authenticity that ensures proof of mentioned quality.

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