6 Beginner Fitness Routines 

for College Students

Between balancing academic responsibilities and personal matters, health is not a priority for many college students. When the focus is more on chasing opportunities, it is easy to forget about your physical activities. But if you continue to neglect them, it can come at a high cost. 

Eventually, it will become more difficult for you to concentrate on daily tasks and reach your full potential. If that’s already the case, first of all, delegate some assignments to a reliable essay writing service like EssayPro and take a break to restore your strength. 

If you are looking for a single solution that can help you perform better in academics and have the energy for the rest, it would be having a fitness routine. Let us introduce you to a few effective practices that you can easily incorporate into your student schedules. Total Restore Review: Will it improve your gut health?

Getting an electric cruiser bike will be easier to use and give you a great workout on your way to work every day.

Afterward, you can and use it for everyday purposes, this way you can get a better exercise for your legs and lower back.

Campus Stairs 

The chances are that there are plenty of stairs spread throughout your campus. Your best option would be to try out the ones in your dorm building. There are several exercise sets that you can do using the stairs. Even if you simply climb up and down the stairs a few times, that itself will make for a good cardio routine. Moreover, as they are practically indoors, you can exercise no matter what the weather is outside. 

Use your stairs as a gym in the early morning so there will not be much foot traffic there.

Wall Workout 

Want to make the most of your dorm room? If you clear a few feet in front of your wall, you’ll be able to comfortably stand against it and do some beneficial exercises. The walls in your hallway could also do the trick. Check out YouTube videos for wall exercises that can help you stretch your body and strengthen your core. 

HIIT Workout 

Ìf you do not have much free time, high-intensity interval training can be the right choice for you. Such routines have been proven to improve your fitness, endurance, and cardiovascular function. You do not need any equipment and can fast-track your way to fitness benefits. 

All you have to do is pick such activities as burpees, jumping jacks, and sprinting. Work on one of these with maximum intensity for about 20 seconds, and then take a rest for about 10 seconds. You can continue this for a few cycles to get the best results. Plan your HIIT workouts for five minutes or 30 minutes, depending on your schedule. 


When you are struggling with a term paper, you might be looking for a break to find that inspiration. Why not go for a run? Even if this takes five minutes, fresh air and physical activity can do wonders for your brain. Before going out, you can look for an essay service online that can back you up while you are busy with other matters.

Many students are concerned about the lack of stamina for outdoor exercise. But once you get started, even if you are only walking at first, you can eventually build your endurance and pick up your pace. 


Want to work at your mental and physical well-being? Then you can and should incorporate yoga into your routine. These mindful exercises can help you relieve stress while focusing on improving your core strength. 

Although it is best if you can keep aside at least half an hour for yoga, there are a few asanas that can help positively influence your whole body within minutes. 

For instance, if you are short on time, you can do a few rounds of Surya Namaskar (sun salutation) in the morning, and you will feel refreshed for the rest of the day. You will be ready to take on any tough assignment with the help of a custom writing service or reach out to your instructor for their valuable insight on your paper. 

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Jump Rope 

Do you love cardio but can’t stand running? Why not try jump roping instead? You can do this from the comfort of your room, and it does not need any equipment as well. There are several affordable ropes available on the market, and you might even enjoy this routine. 

The Bottom Line 

No matter which routine you choose, there is always a chance to get a little bit creative. Are there any credit fitness classes offered by your college? You can surely take advantage of that. You will get a chance to raise your GPA while getting professional training for your fitness goals. 

In addition, check whether there are any student sports clubs or free gyms available on the campus. Since you are already paying tuition, you might as well make the most of it. Using campus resources can be an excellent way to stay in shape while in college without having to spend anything extra. 


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