6 Essential Ingredients To Stock Up In Your Office Pantry

Aside from proper benefits and overall office environment, a well-stock pantry could also help to boost the happiness and satisfaction level of your employees. Not only that, but a well-stock pantry can also improve employee productivity during working hours. They do not have to go out to the nearest convenience store when in need of something to nibble on. They can just walk to the pantry, and voila anything they need, they can find it.

But it is also important to remember to stock good food for your office. Not just mere soft drinks, chips, and any junk food which are not good to be consumed on a daily basis.

Choose something good and healthy for all the employers. We have compiled 6 foods items that you should stock up in the office pantry. You can opt to choose all but it is also okay if you want to select some of the options below!


Honey can act as a healthier option for a sweetener. It is very useful to be combined with anything, from tea, yogurt, or a dressing in the salad. You also can’t doubt the many benefits of honey. This sweet liquid produced by bees is efficacious in maintaining immunity, relieving coughs, maintaining the digestive system, and has many other various other benefits!


This is the ultimate product that you have to stock up in your office pantry. Salt can be used to season food and add extra flavor to the meal, thus it will be very useful for the staff in the office. put the salt in a glass container, and make sure you put a label on it, to avoid your staff being wrong in distinguishing it from sugar. Check Himalayan Salt vs Sea Salt and see which kind is best used in cooking.

Peanut butter

Having a jar of peanut butter definitely help morning or midday stomach crises for your staff. Every time they feel the hunger creep inside, they can just take some wheat bread and put the peanut butter inside. Delicious and very effective to diminish cravings!

Canned food

Some of your employees might not have time to prepare a lunch box in the morning, thus they have to buy lunch every day.

You can help your employees save their money by providing lunch in the office. But if you do not have the budget to do so, you can instead stock some canned food that your employee can just take and easily cook with a microwave.

For example, you can buy some canned tuna. They can just easily put it on a sandwich, add some mayonnaise, and voila they have a delicious lunchtime. Your employee will be very grateful for this product you stocked up.

Almonds and other nuts

Almonds and nuts are a great option for snacking. Instead of stocking up on some potato chips, it is better if you stock up on almonds or assorted nuts.

Not only is this delicious, but it will also help to increase your energy due to its high protein content. This protein content can also provide benefits in helping repair damaged brain cells.

Water and juice

If you are living in a country where tap water is not available to drink safely, you might also want to consider stock-up water bottles in your office. This will ensure that your employee can have access to the most important thing that they need -water. Making sure your employee’s hydration level is proper is important to help maintain their productivity and health. Having a water bottle will also be useful for them to grab on the go when they need to go out to meet clients.

Because you might need a huge amount of water bottles, it will be great if you can find a bottled water supplier which can give you the best price

Aside from water, you can also stock up on some other beverages, such as juice. This will be the perfect accompaniment for your employee to drink on, be it for breakfast, in between working hours, or even when they have to stay in the office due to working late.

Having an office pantry stocked with healthy snacks and drinks will definitely be the ultimate treat for your employees. The one who gets the benefit is not only the employees but also the company itself.

You might wonder what the correlation is. Well, a happy employee will be more productive when working -and on top of that, you can also add extra value for your company -which may also be included as your employee retention strategy!


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