6 Luxury Features For A Modern And Decadent Bathroom

The bathroom is a sacred space for self-care. If your bathroom is starting to look out of date it can stop you from relaxing to the maximum, whereas a luxurious and decadent bathroom would help you to make the most of your alone time.

Here are six luxury features that can turn your old bathroom into a luxurious sanctuary of sanitation.

A Free-Standing Bath Tub

This feature helps to define what a luxury bathroom is; it is the bathroom after all. Free-standing bathtubs look amazing and set the tone for the rest of the decor.

They do take up a little extra space compared to standard tubs, but this is an element of their decadence. Space is at a premium in a bathroom, taking up extra space is an extra indulgence.

High-Quality Countertops

The finish of your cabinet and countertops will make a big style statement and go a long way to underscoring your decadent and luxurious look in your bathroom.

Quartz is the perfect finish for the job. It has a hard-wearing but smooth texture and is available in a variety of colors and styles. Look at the options from this Detroit quartz supplier to see just how gorgeous it can be.

Underfloor Heating

This is a big upgrade, but it is the ultimate luxury touch. There is nothing worse in a bathroom than the feeling you get when you step out of a warm bath on to the cold tiles of a bathroom floor.

This is perhaps the most decadent upgrade on our list, as you won’t see it, but you will feel it. Underfloor heating is more energy efficient, so over time, this addition will help pay for itself.

A Steam Shower

Modern shower systems have gone through a renaissance in the last few years. They offer much more than just hot water raining down from above. Power showers and steam showers are the new big trend in bathroom design.

Luxury steam showers feature multiple shower heads, massage jets, as well as a stool to sit on while you enjoy the steam system to cleanse your pores. Many also have a Bluetooth radio built in too.

Luxury Lighting

The bathroom lighting is often the last thing people think of when redesigning their water closets, but this is an opportunity to add style and elegance, as well as functionality.

Go big or go home. Think about adding a chandelier in your bathroom as its main light source. Use subtle but stylish spotlights above sinks and the bath, and let your central chandelier steal the show.

Add Some Art

For a cost-effective luxury touch, think about adding some art to the walls. Most bathrooms just have bare tiles on the walls, but there is no reason not to add some pictures to style up the scene.

Pick some prints of fine art or use photographs to bring color and depth into the space. Choose pictures that you find relaxing and soothing to help you get in the right mood when you are having some me time.

Pick three of these tips and bring them into your bathroom and you will see what a huge difference they can make. Why not use all of them and create the decadent bathroom of your dreams?


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