6 Most Crucial Features in a GST Mobile Billing App

Apparently, a GST mobile invoicing app is currently one of the most beneficial assets of any enterprise. The software enables business owners to create GST bills seamlessly and effortlessly. The most exciting thing about the apps is that they make GST-compliant invoices. Essentially, they ease the tax filing processes, enabling the users to attain higher GST compliant scores for their businesses. Unfortunately, not all apps are efficient. And therefore, you must choose software with all crucial features helpful in creating GST bills. On that note, the following are features to look for in a GST mobile billing app. Check them out.

Crucial Features to look for in a GST Mobile Billing App:

  1. User Interface :

User interface refers to the overall experience users get when interacting with software. Principally, a user-friendly interface is the most important feature a GST mobile billing app should have. The interface influences the app’s suitability. Typically, an ideal mobile billing app should be simplistic and ergonomic. In other words, the app should be entirely easy-to-navigate – locating any feature within the software should not be a challenge.

  1. Data Safety and Security Features:

Your business and client’s security is undoubtedly one of your main concerns. Typically, a good billing app should contain various data security-enhancing elements. Such elements include data backup features, enhanced IRN and QR codes (Secure QR Code (SQRC)) generators and scanners for business or products, and invoice information encryption. Most importantly, the app should utilize advanced standard encryption technologies for ensuring safe transfer and storage of vendor’s and client’s sensitive information.

  1. Business Status Tracker:

Tracking activities within your business is certainly a standalone strategy for successful business management. Essentially, a good billing app should enable you to track various activities efficiently. That is, the app should offer regular reports regarding your business. Using the app, you should track cash flow, inventory and orders, delivery, and other activities. Interestingly, some apps track your products’ QR codes, providing information such as the number of times your QRs were scanned.

  1. Taxes Calculation and Management Feature:

Efficient taxes calculation and management is one of the primary reasons mobile billing is an important asset for your business. Interestingly, the apps help create GST-compliant invoices, making it easy to calculate and file taxes as per the taxation laws and the GST Council’s guidelines. Notably, your invoices should be in a standard format and have particular features, including IRN, DSC, and QR codes, according to the Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) India. Better still, some apps provide GST rates applicable in the goods and services taxation. Others also calculate the tax payable with respect to the generated invoices automatically.

  1. Offline Billing :

Notably, it is not always you are within internet coverage areas. As such, your app should offer online and offline billing services. That is, you should be able to create professional invoices regardless of your internet connectivity. This helps you stay on top of the game around the clock.

  1. GST Billing Feature:

Notably, one of the primary goals for obtaining a mobile billing app is to simplify the billing process, minimizing time wastage and labor in accounting. Essentially, the apps help you generate GST invoices for your clients fast and effortlessly. They assist in developing estimates and quotes, creating bills, and sharing them with the respective clients instantly and efficiently.

Typically, ideal apps are equipped with an Online QR Code Scanner from images, giving you access to essential product information. This makes it easier to estimate, list, or set standard prices for products or services. Eventually, this results in customer satisfaction, which is one of the primary objectives of any business.

Final Words:

As a rule of thumb, your GST invoice must be GST compliant. Fact is, it is not merely a requirement by the government but also a crucial element for your enterprise. Interestingly, creating a GST-compliant invoice is not a challenge with a good GST mobile billing app. When we talk about a good app, we refer to software with all the listed features, among other elements handy in creating a GST compliant bill for your customers. The features also enable you to track your orders, calculate the Input Tax Credit (ITC) accurately and ensure your business’s and customers’ data security. As such, they are critical features you must confirm your software hold.


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