6 reasons why men should get a pedicure

Imagine sitting in a gigantic chair, your feet sunk into a whirlpool-like pool, while you read your favorite magazine. Yes, that’s all it takes to get a professional pedicure and show your feet some love! We all like pampering ourselves every once and a while, don’t we? Treat yourself to a pedicure in which you will feel rejuvenated and refreshed afterward.  And that’s not it; we have more reason to cajole you. Many people believe that pedicures are for women only, which is not true. First of all, if you are one of the very few men who get a pedicure every month, “women respect you”, “women love you”. And if you haven’t got one, you just don’t know the importance of clean feet yet.

Most men take care of their personal hygiene, but many are unaware of the benefits pedicures have on their personal hygiene. What are the benefits you ask?
Here are 6 of them: 

1) Improve foot health.

 The beauty of a pedicure spa chair is that it removes all the dirt stuck under your nails. It offers you all types of massage functions and provides you a soothing and therapeutic massage. The typical massage functions a pedicure massage chair are rolling, kneading, pressing, tapping, knocking and combination. at the same time, you are enjoying the massage, with the help of a nail technician, your feet are also exfoliated to remove any dead skin cells. Many nail salons will use something like a 4-Step Pedicure Kit to help you go through the pedicure process, from bubble salt soaking, sugar scrub exfoliating, cream mask application and put on lotions for moisture and hydration in the end.


2) Helps relieve stress

 You deserve a pedicure! If you’ve never done this before, now is the time to indulge in your pedicure splendor. You will feel comfortable and happy. Also, if you have to run at work most of the time, a pedicure is a blessing. Don’t avoid it.

All men will agree that stress is their worst enemy, and considering your busy schedule, taking an hour out of your routine for a pedicure isn’t a bad thing. After all, with its built-in massage system you can sit back and enjoy a relaxing massage in a pedicure chair, all that while working professionally. It can also help you get distracted and forget about the issues you deal with throughout the day, another reason to opt for a pedicure.

3) Eliminates foot odor

  No one likes stinky and thick-skinned feet! Pedicures are the best way to completely remove dead skin, dirt, callus, and bacteria from the feet. Your feet also need exfoliation to remove the bacterial infection, which you cannot remove in normal washes, and which can only be achieved through pedicures

4) Prevents ingrown toenails

  Men often don’t pay much attention when they cut their nails. This can lead to nails being cut too short or leaving tiny bits at the edges – both leading to ingrown toenails. A professional pedicure will ensure that your nails are taken care of and cut to the correct length when a calf or foot massage is assisted by a pedicure, it also improves blood circulation to the area while reducing pain, if any!

5) Makes you look good

  Let’s face it; women are attracted to men who take pride in their appearance. No need to go overboard, but trimmed, clean, and polished nails is perfect and a great attribute for any guy. If you’ve ever had a pedicure, you’ll understand what we really mean, and a good way to change that condition is to do it.

Women notice your hands and feet and there is nothing better than a hygienic man. We are already incredibly annoyed that men are superficial groomers and on top of that if a man is unhygienic, it is even more difficult.

Do you shave, shower, and cut your hair? So what’s wrong with getting a pedicure? Self-grooming is a way of saying you love yourself. It’s so much more than just going to the gym – if self-love is the path you choose. It’s time you paid attention to your feet too!

Types of pedicures vary, but every pedicure should include exfoliation and massage. You can always choose from the range of pedicures that salons have to offer. You can start with the basics, so go ahead, and hurry!

6) Why consult a pedicure podiatrist?

To treat benign lesions of the feet (examples: corns, ingrown toenails, plantar warts). Be aware that women and older people have thinner skin and suffer more from thickening of the skin (called hyperkeratosis) while men have more toenail problems (2).

To relieve pain

You may feel pain in your feet, or even in your knees or back. The pedicure podiatrist can prescribe orthopedic insoles that will improve your posture and your points of support.

The pedicure podiatrist consults in an office, in a hospital environment, in a health center, in multidisciplinary centers, or at home. If you go through your general practitioner, he will direct you first and foremost to an approved practitioner whose price per consultation is around $35 ​​on average.

For people with diabetes, 4 to 6 sessions per year (4) can be covered by Social Security, depending on the severity of the lesions.

It is advisable to consult a podiatrist-podiatrist at least once a year for the elderly (5) and for children a consultation is possible from the age of 4 years.

How is the first consultation going?

The pedicure podiatrist carries out a complete assessment. Using a scale of 0 to 3, it rates the pain. Grade 0 represents a mild infection (the most common reason for consultation (6) while foot sensitivity is affected (deformity) in class 2. As for class 3, it concerns foot ulcers and/ or amputation of the lower limbs. Between two patients, the pedicure podiatrist will of course sterilize all his instruments: nail salon equipment files, pliers, scalpels.

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