6 rivalries that made cricket incredibly exciting to watch

Cricket is a spectacular game to watch. Many fans agree to the thrill and waves of pleasure that course through them when their favorite teams take to the pitch.

 Indeed, cricket gets even more fascinating when historic rivals battle each other. It is no revelation that thousands of punters stake on these hotly contested matches between rivals on leading bookmaker apps like the Bet365 app.

 In this article, we will explore some cricket rivalries that we always look forward to being renewed. 

England vs Australia

Australia is surely one of the most respected sides when it comes to cricket, but England is not a team to easily write off in cricket, either.

Despite both being founding members of the Commonwealth, they share an incinerating rivalry on the cricket pitch.

Their cricket fight hailed all the way back to 1882 when Australia toured England on their first meeting. In that year, the Australian team beat England and claimed The Oval victory. 

The England and Australia rivalry has always been a tough one. This explains how the term “The Ashes” was adopted as the name for their Test cricket series. 

A match between both countries gets fans smacking their lips, anticipating delight at the fun to come.

Although the England cricket team is strong, Australia manages to come out on top with the most wins in general.

West Indies vs. Australia

The West Indies is another cricket coalition to keep an eye on. 

In the 1975-76 series, their rivalry with Australia, one of the top guns, was a fierce battle, but the Australians came out on top with a 5-1 score. 

After that, we saw what looked like an act of revenge perpetrated on Australian soil when the West Indies bagged three wins against Australia in the 1981-82 series.

Australian cricket fans always look forward to a clash with the West Indies to cut their pound of flesh.

Pakistan vs India

There is no competition for the actual MVPs; India and Pakistan are fierce rivalries in cricket. Their tournament dates all the way back to 1947, and their matches average about 300 million viewers. 

Pakistani and Indians easily overcome their cultural and political differences, bonding on their shared love for cricket. This love is commonly demonstrated when both teams play each other in one of cricket’s most savored rivalries.

They haven’t played a Test series in 15 years, but they have still competed in some really tight World Cup and other competition matches.

Pakistan recently stunned everyone by defeating their bitter rivals in the 2021 T20 World Cup, breaking a long tradition of World Cup victories held by India.

The two teams regularly engage in spirited battles, and cricket fans look forward to these teams’ matches the most. 

It’s clear that there isn’t any love lost between these two, yet they still respect one another, which just serves to heighten the competition.

Australia vs South Africa

Australia and South Africa are well recognized for their fierce competition in almost every sport. Everything began when Australia took control of the match and became everyone’s rival.

However, South Africa made history in September 2008, when they defeated Australia at home for the first time in 16 years. As a result, the rivalry between the two teams erupted, intensifying the competition in each game.

The two teams are still close, and their games are always exciting. The most recent series took place in 2019–2020, with the hosts winning the ODI series and the visitors taking home the T20 series. 

New Zealand vs Australia

Australia and New Zealand have a fierce rivalry in cricket despite it not being as hotly contested as India vs. Pakistan. 

 Although New Zealand has made strides in the sport, winning the ICC Test Championship and competing against Australia in the 2015 ODI World Cup and the 2021 T20 World Cup, Australia has typically functioned as the relationship’s older brother.

Australia plays on fast, bouncy fields, while New Zealand plays on green fields that swing a lot and smaller grounds that are to their favor. These two teams have contrasting playing environments.

Australia and New Zealand have been playing against one another in Tests, ODIs, and T20Is ever since their rivalry began in 1878. The most recent series between the two sides was in 2021, when New Zealand won a 3-2 victory in a five-match T20 series. 

The New Zealand cricket team is just as competitive as the Australian squad, thanks to players like HJH Marshall, GB Hogg, and MJ Clarke, providing for an exciting matchup whenever the two teams compete. 

India vs Australia

India and Australia easily count among the most feared cricket teams in international cricket competitions. A rivalry between these two would be the sound of two lions fighting. 

Over the years, India and Australia have embarked on many matches against each other. Of course, the matches are always tough. In the end, we would mostly see a slight winning by a few points or a tie.

In Test matches from 2000 up to 2007, we could either see a draw, or the Indians beating the Australians by a lone score, or verse versa. 

But from the 2008 series to the 2020-21 series, India had more scores in a match against Australia. Some records were 2:0 and 4:0, which totals their overall score to 14 against Australia’s 9.

Although Australia has a great national cricket team, India always comes out on top with the most score in all the match formats.

In conclusion, cricket has given rise to some of the fiercest and most exciting sporting rivalries.

Cricket fans have been treated to some remarkable events throughout the years, from the strong rivalry between India and Pakistan to the legendary wars between Australia and South Africa. 

Each game never lacks excitement and unpredictability, with contesting players channeling their best versions in these games.

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