6 Things Your Divorce Attorney Needs from You

When fighting for divorce, your attorney may require information regarding your marriage, including the official documents attached. We understand that sometimes it may feel uncomfortable, but for a fair representation, it is your duty to share every aspect of your marriage. This blog piece will discuss a few essential things that your divorce attorney may need from you to assist you better in your case. If you want more details about the divorce attorney, click here.

Things Your Divorce Attorney Needs from You

Listed below are a few things that your divorce attorney may need from you:

1. Details On Your Marriage History

Your attorney will find it helpful if you provide outlines of the critical facts of your marriage. These details may include facts like how you both met, the age of your children, etc. The best way to organize your marriage history is to begin with the date you first met and move on by creating a timeline of important dates.

2. Disclosure of all Relevant Information

Next, your divorce attorney may ask you to share all the relevant details to prepare for the court argument. You must even disclose any fact you feel is not relevant to the divorce, as they will decide this might cause a problem in the future.

3. Honest Details About Your Finances

Do not keep your divorce lawyer in the dark by hiding your finances. Your attorney’s job is to fight for a better financial future, which starts with you being upfront about all financial issues. You could leave your lawyer in a bind if you only reveal some of your assets.

4. Not Hiding Domestic Violence Issues

Bringing evidence of any domestic violence that you suffered during your marriage can be helpful for case preparation for your divorce attorney. Try to present a chronological timeline in front of your attorney to help them understand better.

5. Be logical

For couples who are not on good terms, divorce can be a very heated issue. Don’t let your emotions influence your decisions about your finances or children, as you could pay more.

6. Know What You Want

Dealing with the divorce drama, particularly if you have kids, can be exhausting. Consider your future, and if it requires moving out of state, remarriage, or focusing on your children, do it. Think about the future and consider what you want from your spouse.

Wrapping Up!

We tried our best to cover essential things that your divorce attorney needs from you. It is your duty to cooperate with your divorce attorney to ensure they get every detail to ensure a fair representation of your divorce case.


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