6 Ways to Be a Good Neighbor

When you move into a new neighborhood, you can find the rules a bit different there. You cannot relocate with the rules you had in your old neighborhood into the new one. It is essential to familiarize with the new neighborhood to avoid arguments with them or the authorities. As such, you need to consider the following rules on how to be a good neighbor.

Reach Out as Quickly as Possible

A neighbor can be of great help in times of crisis. Most people think that it is friends or family, but the neighbor is the immediate person you will turn to when there is an emergency. For instance, when you have a medical condition, the neighbor can alert paramedics. Therefore, you need to create a friendly relationship with them.

As soon as you settle in the house, you can visit a few neighbors and alert them that you just moved into the neighborhood. It would help if you introduced yourself and your family. Therefore, even when you have a problem, they can quickly identify you as one of them. Don’t go empty-handed; you can bake a pie or cake or hand-deliver fresh flowers.

Enquire about Local Contractors

When you move into a new house, you may want to make some changes. For instance, you may not like the current doors. You might want to replace them with a sliding door and sliding door hardware. Ask them about the contractors they use to perform such tasks.

Avoid Noise Pollution

Even when you are a music lover, you have to know that you are living among people who may not like your music blasting. Some neighbors are intolerant to noise. They probably go to work each day and want their homestay to be a relaxing experience. Also, there are those with children who are supposed to be put to bed early. As such, any form of noise can be disturbing. Even when you have your friends come over for parties, ensure that you tone it down so that it doesn’t become too noisy.

Take Care of Your Pet

You can be a pet lover, though not everyone is one. You can find some who are allergic to pet fur, or they just don’t like dogs or cats. You have to be aware that you live among such people. Therefore, don’t let your dog go astray that they wander in your neighbor’s compound. The dog can bite, and it can be an issue with your neighbor or maybe the authorities too.

Keep Outside Your Home Clean

A clean neighborhood starts with a clean home. Ensure that you tidy up your home. Ensure that your kitchen waste is disposed of appropriately. Some become careless and throw trash beside the bin rather than inside. Such people are not liked in the neighborhood, and you don’t want to be such a victim.

Make sure that waste removal services come in time before the kitchen waste starts to stink by the roadside. Respect your neighbor’s space, and don’t throw your garbage into their bin. When your bin is packed to the brim, ask your neighbor if you can use it, but don’t use it without permission. Also, ensure that you mow your lawn. Keep the grass short. Also, trim the trees and bushes if there are any. During the dry season, collect the leaves that have fallen. You’ll be liked more when you are a clean neighbor.

Behave on Social Media

What you do on social media trickles down into your personal life. Social media has made the world such a small space. You might not want anyone to see your nasty posts on social media. However, it can be your neighbor seeing the posts, or worse, your neighbor’s kid. Therefore, it is vital to keep the decency you uphold in the neighborhood in social media too. Posts that portray drug abuse, crime, or hatred of a race are not welcomed in any neighborhood. Remember, this is a space where children are raised, creating a moral environment. Therefore, when you introduce immorality, you’ll be the villain.


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