7 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Cannabae

The Gift Of Relaxation

Marijuana isn’t just fun for you, it’s fun for anyone with you who also partakes—and that especially applies to your significant other, or your “cannabae”. Whether she likes it or he likes it, a gift of marijuana is almost universally appreciated. Also, the term “cannabae” may not necessarily apply to a girlfriend or boyfriend—it could be a “bae” in cannabis only.

So if you’ve got someone special in your life who would really enjoy a little marijuana under wrapping paper, here are some suggestions for you. Cards on the table, we’re assuming you’re most likely to give these gifts to a significant other with whom you’re romantically involved; at least one of these gifts is exclusively for such situations.

  1. The Obvious: A Solid Ounce Of “The Good Stuff”
    This is the most obvious gift for your cannabae: cannabis products. Indica strains, sativa strains, hybrid strains—what do they like the most? Do you know? Or are they simply statistically savvy? Some folks look at THC content, some are looking for a mix of THC, terpenes, and CBD. What does your cannabae like, or are you going to surprise them?

Strains that have massive amounts of THC, CBD, terpenes, and coloration are available. If you really want to impress your significant other, pick up an ounce—legally—from a dispensary that’s “top-shelf”. Find the best of the best; the stuff that just about knocks you out just from the cursory sniff of a nug.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to buy “flower”. You could get wax, you could get edibles, there are drinkables, chews, lotions—the list goes on. You might just put together a little gift basket if it suits you.

  1. A Vaporizing Device For Discrete Hits
    Many who ingest cannabis products have decided on discretion and health. To that end, vaporization machines of various designs can be put to good use. For one thing, they don’t have the same level of “odor” that comes with traditional smoking, making them easier to use in mixed company.

For another, they’re very convenient, and virtually identical to nicotine vapes in appearance. Finally, there’s still some novelty here, and if your bae has never explored electronic cannabis vaping products before, at minimum it will be a fun experiment.

  1. The Cannabible 1-3
    The “Cannabible” has three volumes, and tells you everything you need to know about smoking and growing your own marijuana. If you’ve got someone who is extremely enthusiastic about cannabis, this is an excellent gift.

It can even help you more effectively enjoy the “flower”. Fasting from marijuana one month a year keeps you from too much tolerance, allowing you to more acutely feel the heady high you first experienced smoking cannabis.

  1. A Box Full Of Smoking Accoutrements
    Accoutrements is a french word which basically means paraphernalia, but is ironically easier to spell. Not that either word is easy. Basically, we’re talking marijuana accessories. Pipes, papers, trays for rolling “jays”, bubblers, bongs, splints, blunt wraps, little pokers, cleaning implements—the list goes on; many of these are available from Me Time Box.

Such accessories are an excellent gift for your cannabae; and having the right tools for the job is certainly easier than hunting around the house for a “pokey”, or playing MacGyver to transform a pop can into a pipe.

  1. Seeds For A Personal Plant
    If you’re buying The Cannabible in any incarnation, get some seeds along with it. These will help you grow strains in your basement or backyard or wherever. Now, the legality of this depends on the state. Legally, there are only certain states that allow you to grow your own plants, and some have restrictions.

If you’ve got an enthusiastic cannabis lover in your house, helping them literally “grow their own” is a fine idea. Also, do it right, and get a substantial yield from a single plant. There’s nothing like growing and ingesting your own.

7 Awesome Gift Ideas For Your Cannabae

  1. Discrete Carrying Containers
    In some places, it pays to be discreet. However, you don’t want to have to pitch your cannabis every time there’s some DUI checkpoint. There’s a workaround, and that comes in the form of discrete cannabis containers. These are air-sealed and designed to appear as though they’re something else—a can of Arizona tea, as an example.
  2. Topical Cannabis Products Aimed At Romance
    Many who have a relationship with a significant other who partakes of cannabis products likewise do so themselves. It’s a very convenient situation. If you really want to take it to the next level, consider cannabis products topically designed for more “intimate” use. They’re out there, and they work.

Fine Gifts Regardless Of The Occasion

Whether buying birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, or a little something just to show you care, marijuana-themed presents tend to please. Give the gift of flowers, smoking accoutrements, containers, vapes, resources, seeds, or topical products—or some combination of these. Your cannabae will love it.


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