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7 Benefits of PMP Certification Training over Self-Paced Online Courses

PMP Certification

The world of business is moving at top speed, with that many new opportunities are opening. To keep track of the latest trends and changes, qualified professionals are becoming more important than ever. Professional certifications like PMP are much in demand now than it was nearly ten years ago. Business organizations are hiring qualified and certified professionals to manage their projects. This ensures that their business projects are completed on time and meet the customer’s needs.

PMP Certification Training

Thus, deciding to get certification in PMP is the first step for any aspiring project management professional. Choosing the learning path comes next. PMP Certification can be acquired by giving enough effort and spending sufficient time in understanding the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide. This can be achieved by taking self-paced online courses at home or by enrolling in interactive PMP Certification Training courses. Though the purpose of both these courses is to help candidates ace the PMP Certification examination conducted by the Project Management Institute (PMI). However, the PMP Certification Training will be far more beneficial for professionals than the self-paced online courses.

Benefits of PMP Certification Training

Listed below are 7 advantages of opting for PMP Certification Training Course over the self-paced learning methods:

  • Engaging Blended Model of Instruction:
    The PMP Certification examination has the requirement of attaining 35 contact hours of training in project management along with other general requirements. Thus, any candidate opting for the self-paced learning methods needs to complete at least 35 hours of training as well. PMP Certification Training Course is designed by experts in the project management field who understand the need of the industry and are well versed in the methodology. It combines the traditional method of teaching with the benefits of a live online method of instruction using modern technology to provide individuals opting for this method of learning a unique blended course in a short time. This is especially helpful for working professionals who are already crunched for time.
  • Interactive Structure of Learning with Highly Experienced Instructors:
    Unlike online self-paced courses, PMP Certification Training Course has instructors who are highly qualified and experienced in the project management field. These trainers are usually industry experts with years of experience in planning, executing, and delivering projects successfully. Interaction with experienced professionals increases the practical knowledge of the industry and helps aspiring PMPs prepare for the future.
  • Comprehensive Guide to the Concept of Project Management:
    The study guide for PMP Certification Training is tailor-made to help professionals pass the certification examination successfully. Thus, it provides proper preparation for time-bound professionals who can gain a comprehensive knowledge of project management concepts in a very short duration.
  • A Detailed Understanding of the PMBOK Guide:
    PMP Certification Training Course strictly follows the PMBOK Guide, the prime preparation book for any aspiring PMP. Through the blended method of instruction, it becomes easier to understand and help clears any doubt that may arise during the preparation, instantly.
  • Knowledge of Industry Best Practices and Latest Trends:
    Self-paced online courses do not offer knowledge of the latest trends in the project management industry, or the best practices utilized for successful project delivery. With the PMP Certification Training, it becomes easier as it provides networking opportunities with industry experts along with the valuable examination preparation module.
  • Self-assessment Tests for Better Preparation:
    Nothing prepares for an examination better than practice tests. And the same is true for the PMP Certification examination as well. However, having the chance of correcting one’s mistakes with a detailed explanation is very helpful. This is provided through the PMP Certification Training Course and helps individuals prepare for their examination in a better manner.
  • Hands-on Experience with Industry Experts:
    Engaging teaching methods offered by the PMP Certification Training Course provides interaction with top industry experts. This will help in gaining knowledge about the practical application of the learnings.

Therefore, it can be concluded that choosing PMP Certification Course Training Online has many benefits over self-paced online courses. Especially in 2021, the need for training and certification has increased many folds due to the changing dynamics of the global economy. And it is predicted to grow furthermore in years to come.


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