7 common mistakes to avoid when you are building a new home

Building a house can be exciting. It is a new project that everyone in the house is enthusiastic to be an active part of. Members of the house – age no bar – engage in their research and carry out thorough studies to ensure that they are getting what they want without compromising on time, money, or quality. However, it is not an easy task to build a new house. There are several decisions involved in the process and these decisions are not light ones. Any mistakes at different levels of this project can lead to severe consequences and setbacks in terms of time and money. At times, even with proper planning, things can go wrong, especially things not previously planned for.

Unawareness and lack of preparedness can usually cause these unforeseen mistakes. To make this process a truly rewarding one, it would be vital to take into account the things that are usually left unplanned in the enthusiasm and unpreparedness. Not everyone is a pro at planning when it comes to building a house, however, since it is going to be made specific to the tastes of the people living in it, their opinions and perspectives matter the most. To be able to find a building construction company that would take into account everything that the owners say along with providing their expert insight to avoid as many mistakes as possible would be vital.

Here are 7 common mistakes that you can keep a lookout for to avoid when you are building a new home:

  1. Wrong location – There are several aspects to consider while building a new home, the first, and the most important one would be the location of the building. It would be prudent to not consider the resale value before selecting a specific location for your house. Of course, even convenience matters. Having a house within proximity to a mall, market, school, workplace, etc would be ideal. A centralized location that would cut down on travel costs in a good neighborhood is often a priority for many. However, the house construction cost in Bangalore and even living expenses would be greater in such prime locales. However, choose a location based on your priority and what is best for you.
  2. The right builder – Take your time in choosing the builder who is right for you and who understands your needs as a customer. The person making your house and turning it into what it is should be able to resonate with your ideas and opinions while being able to provide their own. Make sure you are looking at their past work before short-listing them to transform your vision into reality. As for referrals, communicate well, do not be passive, etc while you are choosing and speaking to your builder. Gain an understanding of their efficiency and competence before handing the task over to them.
  3. Budgeting – For any project as massive as this, the budget would be one of the most important parts. First and foremost, be realistic with the budget. Do not cut down on costs unnecessarily at the beginning to make your plan ‘look good’. Under-budgeting can be a huge blocker to the speed of the project. At the same time, make sure that your budget plan allows for some flexibility. Plan for unexpected costs, laborer mistakes, transport costs, quality checks, inspections, etc. Any unforeseen incidents can also cost you a little bit – so allow some room for those.
  4. Super tight and rigid schedules – While it would be ideal to be able to follow a routine and schedule while engaging in a construction project, it does not always work like that. Even the best-laid plans have a way of finding an issue – this holds for building houses as well. Avoid stress by keeping in mind the fact that delays in schedules are normal and can happen at any time for any reason. Do not keep changing your deadline dates by already having a flexible outlook towards them. While it can get frustrating to do so, it would be unrealistic to expect things to go smoothly at every step of the way without any hindrance in time.
  5. Inspection and documentation – Paperwork can be taxing and time-consuming. It is not easy to go and get this work done as it takes multiple rounds to finally get the ball rolling. However, not having all the required paperwork or keeping the papers messy would be more of a burden than actually having them sorted. This is a mistake many new homeowners make as the realization and value of keeping these documents in place is underrated. Make sure that you are safe against any legal issues by having the government-authorized land papers intact and in place.
  6. Professional opinion – The need to ‘do it all’ is pretty strong while creating something of your own. However, construction is not something that one can do all by themselves. A professional opinion becomes a must as several nuanced aspects need to be taken care of while building a home. Whether it is the costs, raw materials, legal work, or hiring the right people to work on the house, all of this requires expertise and finesse.
  7. Being too passive – At the same time, it is also important for you to find the right balance to be involved in constructing your house the way you would like it. Actively communicate with your contractors and familiarize yourself with the planning and timeline of the project. Heading to the site, getting your questions answered, chalking out the details, etc would only add more value to the project as it would be something that you created by actively being a part of it.

This thoroughly fulfilling, yet daunting task, can be made easy if these aspects are taken into account at different steps of the process. Be open to ideas and flexible with the planning to be able to make the most of the project in a stress-free manner.


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