7 Home Remedies for Acne

Self-grooming always plays a significant role in self-confidence. Obstinate Acne can sometimes decrease your confidence. This article will be going to prove a great help for the people who are trying to get rid of the stress of going to a medical store for buying a bulk of medicines that can relieve Acne.

Don’t worry, be confident

Why buy a bundle of creams and medicines for Acne when you can treat it well with home remedies? Worry about how to treat it well at home? You don’t need to worry. Here are some home remedies that will prove best in Acne and will help you to bring back your confidence.

Super Seven Home remedies for Acne

Nature has accumulated a lot of remedies in it. Here are the super seven home remedies for Acne:

Water, the most economical treatment

In this expensive world of costly medicines, water is the most economical treatment that can be found easily at any place. All you need to do is just stay hydrated.

Mostly dry skin is also prone to Acne. To keep hydrated skin, drinking at least 8-12 glasses of water a day is a compulsion. This will not only give relief to the present Acne, but it is also prevention to the outbreak of stubborn Acne.

Cucumber, the solution for all

We are well known for the features of cucumber. Comprising of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial features, the low-cost cucumber has proven the solution for all the major skin problems.

Either it is dark circles or Acne, cucumber is a whole solution for all skin problems. All you need to do is just grate a whole cucumber with skin and apply it overall on the cleansed face. Leave it for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse with clean tap water.

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Repeat this process twice a week. This will not only help to relieve the pain of Acne but will also fight against other skin bacteria.

The magical tea tree oil

Tea-tree oil can fight against bacteria and the cause that create bacteria that results in Acne. According to the latest research, tea tree oil has some magical traits that help to treat mild to moderate Acne.

All you need to do is just buy a bottle of diluted tea tree oil and apply some drops of the cleansed acne-prone skin in the nighttime. Let the magical oil work the whole night on the skin. Rinse with clean tap water in the morning. Repeat this process daily. You will see good results in two to three months.

Best antibiotic, the garlic

Garlic is the best natural antibiotic that is easily available in every other kitchen. The natural immunity booster, garlic, is also one of the super home remedies to fight against Acne.

What you have to do is add garlic to your diet. Many people chew the garlic piece for the treatment, and some mix it in any sort of puree

Green tea, the super detoxifier

Acne is caused due to impurities in the blood. So, purifying the blood and the water of the body is the best remedy for acne problems. Green tea has proven to be a super detoxifier for the body. Not only adding green tea to your diet plan prove beneficial but applying it to Lukewarm on acne-prone skin is helpful.

Just add a cup of green tea into your diet, and you will start to see the difference in no time.

Honey, the natural healer

Nature has bestowed humans in the form of honey. Even for the past 1000 years, honey is working as a natural healer for the body and skin. Having naturally the quality of the antioxidants, honey has been used to treat scars and wound for ages.

All you have to do is apply a little amount to Acne with the help of a clean swab or finger. It can also be applied in the form of a face-pack with a combination of other products.

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Yoghurt and turmeric mask, the secret of smooth skin

Turmeric has the natural quality to heal wounds. When it is mixed with yogurt, it becomes beneficial for the skin. Another super remedy to treat Acne by staying home lies in your kitchen. Just mix some yogurt and turmeric powder and apply to the skin. Leave the pack to dry naturally, and then rinse with cold, clean water.

Repeat this remedy twice a week.

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The wrap-up words

Besides all these home remedies, the foremost thing that helps prevent Acne is stress relief. Just relax and try to stay stress-free. These remedies are quite helpful to cut-off the rounds of the medical stores to buy a bulk of acne medicines and are also useful in prevention against Acne.


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