7 Strategic Tips on How to Master Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact is one of the best mobile games and an incredible RPG. It got 17 million downloads on its fourth release day. That doesn’t include sales on PC and PlayStation 4, which brought a formerly mobile-only genre to the attention of a global market. There’s a lot to process for a first-time player because of its overwhelming elements. It makes you wonder whether there’s a quicker way to earn Adventure Ranks for beginners. You may even want to figure out which character to invest in or select, either from underrated characters like Lisa or strong personalities like Ganyu or Diluc Genshin Impact characters. 

However, if you’ve been playing the game for a while now, you want to advance your skills. Genshin Impact is a massive RPG to explore, and it has various quests, primogems, and wishes. So, here are seven strategic tips to make your gameplay more effortless and more manageable.

1.Don’t Only Pile and Save Your Character Leveling Materials. Equip Them. 

The game leveling system is different from other role-playing adventures. In a typical RPG setup, defeating mobs of enemies will usually build strength. Genshin impact adventure’s growth has little effect, and it would take ages. A strategic tip is to consume rewards in the chest and quest immediately, and these rewards are usually found at different notes and books in the game.

Moreover, select a character or team you desire, and fuel them with the whole experience. The game is meant to ship on properly leveled characters to explore the world effectively. Don’t be anxious if your level doesn’t increase even though you’re already spending an hour. It should be an exploration game so enjoy it!

2.Focus on Artifacts on Building Strength

It does not only require adequately leveled characters, but you should also consider artifacts. Artifacts are required items to be equipped on characters to increase their stats. It consists of accessories or armor pieces that also boost damage. You might wonder why some enemies take too long to defeat, and it’s because you have insufficient artifacts. A helpful strategy is to know the excellent set of artifacts suitable for your characters. The feather accessories are commonly attacked boosters. You can either look for a four-star feather or “enhancing” a three-star with other, weaker artifacts. Keep in mind that every level-up artifact powered its stat significantly. Thus, excellent artifacts allow you to defeat enemies in only ten hits or two. How powerful is that! 

3.You Can Avoid Damage With Elemental Burst

As mentioned earlier, it is challenging to increase the growth due to having little stamina modifiers. Genshin Impact involves fighting large groups of difficult opponents and dodging heavy attacks, and it’s challenging for most players. There’s a strategy that you can use when dodging isn’t possible. Players can utilize the power from elemental burst to dodge some damage for five-star characters. At the same time, you can avoid damage entirely by using the timed burst from characters like Diluc.

4.Don’t Ignore Daily Commissions and Quests

You can access the daily commission once you unlock the Adventurer’s Guild at Adventure Rank. 12. It allows players to attend daily tasks and has incentives for players who log 20 minutes every day. Players can earn tons of AR EXP, Primogems, Mora, and other Artifact or items too. Be mindful that there are only four quests, so strategize it with a decent team. At the same time, Quests make your gameplay more fun and engaging. Mastering these quests will make you a better player! It helps your character to level up higher and acquire better weapons.

Honestly, Daily Commissions and Quest are worth time-investing, so knock these out! Grind harder, and it is more fulfilling. 

5.Discover and Unlock Essential Way Points

There are several teleportations around Genshin Impact. It works where NPCs require a traveler to go from one side of the map to the other and then back inside the same quest. Some players don’t use this feature and create a slog experience by running back and forth most times. That’s why you should take advantage of wandering around for a session and unlock as many Fast Travel points as you can, especially the Shrines.

6.Take Advantage of Two Four-Star Artifacts

In any role-playing game, it is best to have a conversation with every character. It also applies to Genshin Impact. You’ll be required to complete a task in the cathedral of Monstadt, the game’s starting region. You will find a nun named Victoria, and a dialogue will appear. It has a treasure chest icon that will net you a reward. Victoria will provide you with a four-star artifact that’s worth investing in throughout the adventures. The next one is at Dadaupa Gorge, where you must complete a quest. It requires lighting three torches with ice, fire, and lighting powers and eliminating three enemy camps. After you complete the quest, you’ll receive a four-feather artifact. It will help you to give a massive boost in attacks.

7.Maintain Upgrading Weapons 

Similar to characters, weapons need upgrading as well to increase their strengths. You can do this by clicking the Weapons tab and selecting Upgrade. A strategic tip is to utilize the game’s recommended materials. In this way, it can boost and efficiently level up the weapons. If you want to acquire resources for both sets of upgrades, you have to collect them in the world. In comparison, destroy the weapons you want to get rid of by using the inventory menu.

Concluding Thoughts 

Genshin Impact has gained popularity since its first release until the present time. It influences gamers to travel around the wondrous world of the game. Genshin Impact has various and fascinating discoveries in every gameplay. With the immersive gameplay and outstanding storyline, no doubt that gamers patronize this game a lot! The graphics are intensely incredible that it feels like you’re inside the gameplay. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to explore and release your adventure skills. If you wish to know more Genshin Impact news, visit!


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