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7 ways to grow your brand on Social Media:

Everyone is trying to figure out how to build a brand and how to win on social media. It is necessary to strengthen your brand presence on social media platforms with quality and authenticity for your consumers.

These days everyone is on social media, but we must be particular about whether we are doing the right thing on social media? Social media is that platform where we connect people from anywhere in the world. You can create such a great fanbase, or you can build a community on social media.

It is not only about gaining followers. It is about how much effort and quality stuff you are giving to your followers. You have to do things in a good way.

Facts relating to social media:

  • 71% of consumers who had a positive experience with a brand on social media are likely to recommend the brand to their friends and family. (OBERLO)
  • 54% of social browsers use social media to research products. (GlobalWebIndex)

Building your brand is a very crucial part of a business. It is the face, identity, even more; I can say everything you put in front of your consumers. So, you need to set your goals for building your brand or your presence on social media. A great way to build presence is to use services such as SocialGreg to help you popularize your content and reach a wider audience—effectively building recognition. Firstly you have to decide that what you want from your social media appearance, such as:

  • Reach new audiences
  • Convert them to your customers
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Gather quality leads, etc.

After setting your prescribed goal, it’s time to focus on your target audience. After following these steps now, you are ready for your social media appearance. As time has changed, every business needs to be active on social media. Though you are doing good offline, it is essential for you to grow your brand online that will 100 percent increase your sales, goodwill and as well as your brand value.

Here I have seven ways for you to grow your brand on social media:

Influencer Marketing:

As everyone knows, influencers mostly have a large, engaged audience; if they promote or endorse your product, you will surely increase your credibility and drive your sales.

After partnering with influencers, you can reach a bigger audience. There will be more traffic on your website, which will lead to growing your social network followings.

Followers of these influencers will start trusting your brand, generating leads and slowly driving your sales.

If you see the person, you are following or using that product, you surely want to buy that product. With the help of influencers, you can increase your brand value and show your presence on social media.

Cross promoting your brands or business:

Cross-promotion aims to promote products from different brands with a similar audience that are not in competition.

It will help you promote products and services, generate leads, boost sales and establish brand awareness.

According to Partnerize`s research, 54%of the companies mention that cross-promoting will help you to drive 20% of your total company revenue.

This method is a convenient and profitable way to promote products. If your partnership is built right, it can double your audience. After the collaboration of companies, they mention each other’s brand name in articles, websites, social media pages and emails.

Engagement with the audience:

Interacting with your audience through comments is an effective way to connect with your audience. By providing customer service through comments, you retain existing customers and win new ones. By replying to your customers, you will have a friendly and helpful image in front of your customers, and they will directly connect with your product.

When replying to customers, always use their names, While you are answering their questions. Adding emojis and GIFs can also help to build a relationship with each commenter.

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Giveaways are a kind of contest held by you to promote your product on the social media platform and offer some prizes in return. This method strengthens the business-to-customer relationship by simply being fun.

In this method, you entertain the audience and inform them about the product by giving customers the benefit of winning some prize. Online giveaways are effective at growing brands fast, increasing your followers and getting new leads.

Giveaways have a great conversion rate, which is higher than other types of content.

Few stats:

  • Contests have a conversion rate of almost 34%, which is higher than other content types.
  • An average of over 40% of new customers is obtained through the contest.
  • Contests have a 3.7% higher conversion rate as compared to other CTAs.


These are excellent connection-building strategies with your audience. By creating quizzes on social media, you can educate and help your audience regarding your product. You can also see your audience requirements or what they want.

According to BussSumo, an impressive 82% of users completed their quizzes whenever held.

Quizzes are short and exciting. So, the users get interacted and find it engaging to answer these quizzes.

Another plus point of online quizzes is getting immediate feedback from your participants. You will quickly get to know in what kind of section you have to improve your brand.


Videos are one of the best tools to hook your audience on social media. Here, users do not have to read big paragraphs and can just understand and through videos.

Videos on social media provide one of the most influential business strategies to promote your product and gain new followers and sales. As the viewer engages with the video, this will automatically boost that content to a broader audience.

This is why Instagram generates more engagement than any other content type and tweet gets, but tweets with video get ten times more attention.

According to A report by WIZOWL:

  • 89% of video marketers say video gives them a good ROI.
  • 83% of video marketers say video helps them with lead generation.
  • 87% of video marketers say video has increased traffic to their website.
  • 80% of video marketers say video has directly helped increase sales.

Live streaming:

There are many benefits of using live streaming to promote your brands. This technology is most accessible and more affordable. Using this platform will help you broadcast your live events with just a few clicks of your mouse. Physical events are usually limited, but you can invite as many people to join your event in live streaming.

It allows you to share in-person events, service promotions, live announcements, etc. Live streaming will enable you to reach and interact with more people across the world.


So, in the end, I want to conclude by saying that social media is one of the best platforms to increase your brand awareness, your leads, your followers, but the thing is how efficiently you are handling your media profiles.

After reading the above article, I think now you are a bit aware of how to grow your brand or business on social media. I highly recommend you follow these seven ways to increase your brand awareness on social media. I hope this will help you take your business to another level to generate leads and revenue.


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