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7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Garage

Most homes in Australia include a garage or carport for your car. This space is intended for keeping your car protected against the elements which can be harsh considering the Australian climate. But, if truth be told, your garage often becomes a dumping site for junk you don’t want to keep in the house, right? 

The garage is also one area of your residential property that often gets neglected when you decide to remodel your home. Why not make use of this effective way to transform a home for the better? For example, sprucing up your home garage could include installing modern roller doors Melbourne homeowners are having fitted to add value to their residential property.

But, there are a number of other ways you can improve on your garage space so it looks as good as the rest of your home. 

7 Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Garage

1. Garage Doors

Let’s talk about garage doors and what options you have available when you’ve decided to give your garage a makeover. Innovative designs such as roller doors give you the option to add some style to your car parking space while not compromising on security. 

Professional garage door installers can also help you with designing custom doors if you’re looking for a particular style and fit. By updating your garage door, you’re instantly improving the aesthetics and adding value to your private property. 

2. Declutter: Throw or Give Away Your Junk

When you declutter, you’re immediately opening up the space in your garage. It also means you’re getting rid of junk that’s been building up in your garage for years and no longer serve any useful purpose. Removing clutter is also good for your health! 

Clear away your junk by sorting what can be thrown away and what can be given away to charity. Find out if your local council allows you to place junk for collection on your curb side as another way of removing old stuff from your garage. 

3. Add Vertical Storage Space

Now that you’ve cleared out the junk, you may still have items you want to keep stored in your garage. Do this in an organised way by adding vertical storage. Place shelving high up for those items you rarely use and install lower shelves for items you want access to on a regular basis. 

Hooks can be included on the walls for hanging items such as raincoats and sports gear. If you’re a garden enthusiast, consider hanging gardening equipment on the wall, rather than leaving it on the floor. 

4. Spruce Up the Garage Floor

Your garage floor will undergo a lot of wear and tear, making it more prone to looking scruffy and dirty. Consider painting the floor with a durable paint that’ll make it easier for you to clean up oil spills and grease. A painted floor also makes it easier to sweep out debris which should be done on a regular basis if you want your garage to look good at all times.

Another advantage of using garage floor paint is you can wash it down using high-pressure hoses, giving your garage a thorough clean when needed. 

5. Add a New Door Into Your Home

The door leading into your home could also be improved on. If it has seen better days, install a new door. Or give it a coat of paint to freshen up its appearance. Go one step further and pick a bright colour to add some cheer to your garage. 

Make sure the door opens and closes properly. If it needs sanding down because it has swollen in wet weather, do it so you don’t have to waste time wrestling with it every time you want to open it. 

6. Keep the Garage Windows Clean

One area you may overlook when sprucing up your garage are the windows. Most garage windows are placed at the top of the walls, making it easy to forget they are there! Make sure you clean your garage windows regularly. Your garage will instantly look and feel brighter as more sunlight is able to come through.

Repair window frames that have worn down over the years and if any of the panes are cracked, replace with new glass. 

7. Smarten Up the Workspace

If you’re a home carpenter you’ve likely got your workspace in the garage. If this is the case, smarten it up. You can do this by installing a foldable workbench that can fold down when you need it and close when you don’t. You could also install cabinets to store your tools out of sight or hang them neatly with hooks on the wall close to the workbench.

Place a rubber mat close to your workspace to protect your garage floor from spills such as glue or oil. Keep a vacuum cleaner in your garage to suck up dirt once you’re done for the day, so your garage always looks tidy and there’s less dust being carried into the house when you walk between the spaces.

Final Thoughts

Use our list of ideas to spruce up your home garage so you can ensure this is one space that’s always in good nick. Your car will be safer in a garage that’s well-organised and tidy. And, you’ll feel a whole lot better with a garage that looks spruced up every time you use it!

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