8 Stunning Ideas on Wall Decoration of your Home

Have you just painted the walls of your new home? Do you think your blank walls deserve more than just colours? You can give each wall a different character. Surprisingly, the correct interior of each partition can transform a room completely. Let your imagination flow while designing the walls; decorate them with exclusive pieces of original art, unique painting, framed family pictures, etc. No matter what decoration idea you are embracing, ensure that it is suitable for your available space and the décor of the room.

This article has come up with some innovative wall decoration ideas to help you out:

1. Use elegant pieces of art

If you want to instil life in your blank walls, you can rely on a wide variety of artwork on display. The best way of getting an artistic wall is to hang original artwork. It adds personality to your wall. You can choose these artworks considering a theme that you want to give to your wall.

2. Cover the wall with frames of your family pictures

You can use a large wooden frame having three shelves to hold framed paintings or photos of your family. Contemporary interior trends insist on using irregular sizes, forms, and shapes. Whenever you look at those photos, you will again live the happy moments of past days.

3. Opt for sculpture decoration on the wall

For your dining room decoration, you can consider a sculpture-crafted wall. A simple wall can be turned into a gorgeous one this way. You can further enhance the beauty by placing spotlights in a well-planned manner. Such addition will amplify the sophistication of the place. However, please don’t place the lights haphazardly as it can spoil the beauty and make the place messy.

4. Let a statement piece shine on the wall.

If the wall at the end of your corridor is narrow, you can transform it into a statement wall. Using patterns and a shiny statement piece, you can easily get such a wall. If you want more, place yellow lights in the hanging lamps; this arrangement will make the space yellowish. It will create a mystic sensation.

5. Use the wall space under staircases.

Often people neglect the small wall space under the staircase. A creative idea can make this place lively. You can create niches on a wall framed in wood. Place some spotlights on each niche. Each of your niches will display the art and artifacts you have collected so far.

6. Choose 3-D wall art decoration.

If you want to see a modern touch on your wall décor, you may use metallic 3-D art. Such pieces of contemporary art enhance the depth and style of your simple wall. It can simply change the entire look and character of your wall. Moreover, you don’t need to put much effort into such a transformation.

7. Spread serenity over the walls

Considering the sanctity of your bedroom, you can texture the wall behind a headboard. Also, you can decorate it with wall sculptures of flying birds, a sea beach, etc. This kind of arrangement makes the interior design look simple, serene, and elegant.

8. Choose a minimalist décor of the interior wall.

You can split your favourite painting to get a dramatic effect. It will change the look of the walls and the entire room. This type of minimal décor idea works best on the blank walls.

Which idea has drawn your attention- use of original art or 3-D decoration? Listen to your heart and start working on your chosen interior idea!


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