8 Types of Wristwatches You Should Know

In the world of watches, different types and brands are being introduced every fashion season. However, there are various ways to break down the variety of wristwatches available. One of the most popular methods is grouping watches into different types based on function and characteristics.

The five most common types are clothing, field, pilot, diving, and racing, each of which has its features. If you want to buy a watch, knowing these categories is an excellent way to narrow your search. Here are the most common type of wristwatches you should know.

1.  Formal Watches

The main reason people buy formal watches is to look good in formal wear. They are also generally very light and thin because they fit under long-sleeved shirts. Fashion wrist watches are usually small, elegant, and beautiful. They rarely have complicated functions and are subtle in almost every aspect. This style is perfect for people who often wear formal wear or who like super simple watch designs.

A Breitling watch is an example of a formal watch. They offer models with complicated and simple designs, so you have options to choose from. If you wear a  suit to work every day, attend formal dinners on weekends, and even wear a collared shirt when he is at home, your best choice is a formal watch because it fits your lifestyle and style.

2.   Fashion and Luxury Wristwatch

While not everyone agrees on the definition of a fashion watch, this usually refers to a fashion watch brand that does not specialize in watchmaking or has a deep history of watchmaking. Fashion watches are not sold by watchmakers but by brands well known for their reputation in the fashion world. Many of these brands make watches and license other companies to trust others with their watches. Often these watches have an aesthetic brand and often have a catchy logo. Many fashion brands use inexpensive quartz movements but sell them at retail prices due to high brand awareness and demand. Companies usually make luxury watches with a long history of watchmaking.

Some luxury watches use gold, diamonds, and other precious metals and gemstones but use delicate and elaborate mechanisms. Many luxury watch brands are made in Switzerland and sold in limited quantities in luxury stores. They are generally more valuable than other brands and are sought after by watch collectors, celebrities, and the wealthy.

3.  Field Watches

The origin of the field watch stems from the military. These products became famous after they played a vital role in the two major world wars. Unlike in the past, when it was challenging to coordinate attacks, soldiers in these wars were equipped with watches.

The development of field watches made maneuvering on the battlefield easier. In terms of function, the design of the wristwatch takes into account toughness and practicality. They have easy-to-read dials, are made of sturdy materials, and often have useful complex functions.

Field watches are expected to work under combat pressure. Its main features are sturdy and durable, good waterproof grade, luminous, and clear and easy-to-read dial. The modern body is inspired by these past designs and evokes military aesthetics. They usually use NATO straps because it has become an army standard.

4.  Pilot Watches

A pilot watch is similar to a field watch. When air strikes became more common between World War I and World War II, manufacturers created this type of watch with the intent of helping pilots soar in the sky.

A typical Zenith Pilot watch is a chronograph that functions as a small stopwatch. Aesthetically, they are usually more complicated. One of the most famous pilot watch brands is IWC and Zenith.

5.  Diving watches

Diving watch manufacturers considered a specific kind of adventurer when making them, which is diving. The result of this is that this watch can withstand a lot of water pressure, the corrosive force of moisture, and significant impact.

Like the design of divers watches like the Rolex Submariner,  almost all diving watches have a striking bezel and a clear sense of movement. Most brands sell all kinds of divers. Perhaps the most famous are those from brands like Garmin, Rolex, and Omega.

6.  Racing Watches

Racing watches are often eye-catching. One of the most common functions is a speedometer, which helps to convert speed into time and vice versa. They almost always have a chronograph, which adds to their functionality and appeal. These watches are perfect for people who love racing culture or want a wristwatch that attracts people’s attention. Tag Heuer is a brand that sells excellent racing watches.

7.  Quartz Watches

Quartz watches do not rely on highly complicated mechanical parts to operate. They are powered by an electronic oscillator adjusted by the vibration of a quartz crystal to function. They became popular in the 1980s, and most watches and watches in the world are now equipped with quartz movements. These are sometimes called electronic clocks. Quartz looks very different from other movements through dial styles and complications.

8.   Chronograph watches

This is an ordinary watch with a stopwatch complex function. The usual design of these watches is to have two smaller dials to record the time from the start of the stopwatch to the stop of the timing. The extra crown adjusts complications on the side. Usually, the upper crown starts the stopwatch, and the lower crown resets to the beginning. They can track events in elapsed time (for example, the time required to complete a lap in a race), which is crucial in specific life-and-death scenarios, such as military tactics and driving.

In Conclusion

Watches do more than tell the time. You need to understand the different categories of wristwatches, not to underestimate how valuable the wristwatch is in everyday life. If not,  you may not be able to make the most of the fantastic features of your watch or understand how they work.

Watches are more versatile than other everyday items that have disappeared due to technology. There are more types of wristwatches than you might think. In the end, your choice will depend on who you are and your lifestyle. Looking at these factors, you will quickly find the type of watch that suits you.


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