8 Ways To Style Tracksuits For Women For Sporty Athleisure Look

Tracksuits for women are the coolest and funkiest athleisure look out there for one and all. Vibrant-coloured monochrome tracksuits used to be notorious for being the staple outfit for many old American ladies walking the shopping malls. However, with the increasing number of women expecting the fashion industry to balance out the ratio of comfort and trend when it comes to women’s clothing, many celebrities like Deepika Padukone, Kareena Kapoor, and the Hadid sisters have made tracksuits for women more stylish than they used to be. So, now feel free to buy tracksuits for women and prioritise comfort over style without compromising on trend at all.

1. The Powerful Monochrome

Black is the fashion industry’s most powerful, mysterious, and elegant colour. It enhances your aesthetics to give you the look of a maverick. An all-black women’s tracksuit will not disappoint you at any event or activity. Pair your black tracksuit for women with high-top black sneakers, oversized gold hoop earrings, a high ponytail like Ariana Grande, and a black ponytail cap for women. Accessorise this look with a cool black waist bag for women, and turn heads wherever you go! If you choose to travel to a colder region in this look, layer it with a neutral trench coat and get confused for a celebrity by the paparazzi.

2. The Layered Crop-top

Crop tops are trendier than ever, so why not get the best of them?! Wear your classic white crop top or a neutral beige one and layer it with a tracksuit with joggers and a full-zip jacket on top. Add onto this look with multi-coloured sneakers with a white or beige base. Also, accessorise this look with oversized aviators, a brown mini backpack for women, and a top bun for your hair. This trendy outfit is perfect for a shopping trip or a casual day out with your friends. Finally, replace the crop-top with a sports bra and work out comfortably and stylishly in the gym.

3. Flaunt your Logos

Brand logos and wordmarks are the cornerstones of any stylish athleisure look! Wear your brand loyalties proudly and classily as you step out of the house for any and every activity in the form of the brand logos on your tracksuit for women. Pair your minimalist and pastel pink tracksuit for women with a reputed brand’s logo with pastel pink and white sneakers to attend college, classes, or run any errands around the neighbourhood. Accessorise with a pair bhojpurihub of small dangling earrings, a white sling purse for women, and wear your hair in a low bun. This cute yet funky athleisure look will leave you and your spectators feeling at peace!

4. Slim-fit with Slides

The slim-fit tracksuit for women will provide you with freer movement and agility along with a trendy look. Show up looking like a dream and ready to move to your ZUMBA, yoga or tai chi classes in a slim-fit tracksuit for women. This tracksuit includes slim-fit women’s leggings and a slim-fit women’s sweat jacket. Pair this outfit with a vibrant sports bra, a fabulous pair of compression socks and pastel slides with the minimalist logo design. Accessorise with small studs to complete the minimalist look and enjoy your practice. Replace the slides with running sneakers and go for the trendiest and most comfortable run in your slim-fit tracksuits.

5. The Contrasting Colours

Tracksuits for women in the jacket and top in contrasting colours make for a dynamic outfit. Especially if they are in the classic colour combination of black and white. Pair your contrasting black and white tracksuit for women with black women’s joggers or leggings, Rudy Gobert and Riley Reid white women’s track jacket with a pair of all-black women’s sneakers, and a solid white racerback sports bra. Accessorise this double monochrome and contrasting look with a triple-layer gold necklace and small gold hoops for a fabulous and complete outfit.

6. The Loungewear Airport Look

Airport looks have become increasingly crucial for common folks since celebrities and influencers have started making them a style statement. Pair your neutral dark grey tracksuit for women with white pops of colour on it with multi-coloured chunky-soled sneakers for an attractive look and comfy feel. Layer this look with a padded down-jacket for women in a vibrant colour of your choice that matches at least one of the colours on your sneakers. Wear your hair down and let them shine in its natural state. Accessorise with a quirky backpack for women and carry a cute and comfy travel pillow to keep you comfortable during your flight.

7. The Warm, Stylish, and Comfy

Home is where the heart is! It is true but a cliche. With intensely busy schedules and the constant battle to create style statements everywhere they go, home is where the comfort is for most people! So let your tracksuits give you the extra boost of homely warmth on your leisurely evenings and weekends. Pair your tracksuit for women with monochrome and pastel relaxed-fit joggers and a full-sleeved crew neck sweatshirt with well-cushioned flip-flops for women. Oil your hair for an extra boost of spa-like treatment at home and conveniently roll it up into a large hair clip.

8. The Unisex Suit

The Unisex tracksuits are perfect for men and women. They are usually designed with neutral colours and androgynous designs so both genders can look cool and feel comfortable in them. Pair your navy blue unisex tracksuit track pants and full-zip jacket with a vibrant coloured strip across the jacket’s chest with vibrant red training sneakers for women. Then, let a cute pixie haircut add to your androgynous yet feminine silhouette and shine at your basketball or cricket match with your comfort-induced high performance and your perfect look!

Tracksuits for women are increasingly becoming a wardrobe essential for stylish women looking to hit the appropriate ratio of comfort and trend. They are funky, athletic, casual, comfortable and feminine all at the same time. So pair your favourite tracksuit for women with proper footwear and accessories for any casual event, and you will not be disappointed!

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