9 Decor Ideas to Cover Your Sofa

The sofa is probably the most common piece of furniture in living rooms. However, over the years, it ages, and it shows immediately. Whether it’s worn out, stained by all sorts of marks, or roughed up by your grandchildren or your cat, there are several fairly simple ways to give it a new lease of life. So, discover 9 decor ideas to cover your sofa when it starts to show its age.

The most economical solutions

There are many coverings that will give a real facelift to your old sofa. Some of them, like the sofa cover, the throw blanket, or the sofa throw, have the double advantage of being both trendy and economical.

The sofa cover

The small imperfections of your sofa can quickly become very annoying. As a simple and economical solution, you can cover it with a sofa cover. This type of accessory is designed to protect all parts of the furniture concerned. You can therefore use them to cover the seat of your sofa, the armrests, and the backrest of the furniture. Increasingly used, sofa covers are currently available in a wide selection of styles. You thus have plenty of choices to give your sofa a makeover according to your desires.

The throw blanket

The throw blanket is the ideal covering if you want to give your living room a warm and cozy feel. You have a wide choice of materials and colors to brighten up your furniture. Depending on the overall style of your interior, some colors will be more suitable than others. Ideal for keeping you warm during chilly winter evenings, the throw blanket is easy to maintain. A true decorative accessory, it brings an elegant style, and you can also take it with you to your bed.

The express solutions: a fabric or a sheet

A fabric or a sheet can be used instead of a throw blanket. Very economical and accessible, these coverings will perfectly do the job to rejuvenate your sofa. You can change them as you wish and maintain them without difficulty. If you opt for a sheet, it will perfectly cover your sofa and its various imperfections. You can also easily change it according to the style you want to give to your sofa.

The most exotic and authentic solutions

Bring a quirky atmosphere to your living room by choosing original coverings for your sofa. This will definitely make it the centerpiece of your living space.

The “animal skin” at the base of the sofa and on the sofa itself

The use of “animal skin” instead of a conventional carpet is becoming more and more common. However, this accessory can be used differently to revamp your sofa. You just need to use it to cover the furniture. You will get a very decorative and original result. It will also bring a real warm touch to your interior and even an exotic touch, true to your choice.

Covers with ethnic or artisanal styles

Artisanal and ethnic accessories are must-haves in decoration. Thus, you have the possibility to use blankets made in an artisanal way or in an ethnic style, as sofa throws. Your sofa will be immediately transformed and the original touch is guaranteed. It will also be a good way to enhance artisanal accessories.

One of the conventional options: the sofa cover

To cover your old sofa, you can choose to invest in a sofa cover. In addition to perfectly protecting your sofa, this solution offers several other advantages. On the one hand, there is a great diversity of styles of covers to allow you to easily make your choice. You will easily find what suits your taste and will bring a real aesthetic touch to your furniture. On the other hand, these covers generally have an affordable price for everyone. Also, they can be reused several times according to the changes you want to make to your interior.

The ultimate decor solution: cushions of different styles on the sofa

Many sofas are sold with a few cushions, all matching the sofa. This set often doesn’t give a very cheerful look. You can change that by covering your sofa with several cushions of different styles and colors. This will bring a very original touch and will allow you to hide at the same time the small, not very aesthetic stains identifiable on your sofa. If your sofa is in a neutral shade, dare to use very bright colors as well as patterns, stripes, and different sizes and shapes in the cushions. Your interior will immediately get some pep and a very trendy aspect.


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