9 Ways to Recognise a Legit Holden Car Parts Dealer

The GM-Holden car company, was an automobile manufacturing company in Port Melbourne, Australia. Later they started focusing on importing cars under the name of Holden. In 2020 GM announced the retirement of the Holden brand in 2021, which is to be replaced by GM Specialty Vehicles.

Everyone expected it to happen as the last plant in Elizabeth was closed in 2017. The GM has made it clear that the production and related activities are shutting down.

It led people to ask many questions like, will they still produce the accessories, are services for sold out cars available, will holden car parts be available for existing owners.

The answers to all three questions were a yes.

To get the original/genuine spare parts and accessories for the Holden cars, one needs to look out for many things like the authenticity of the dealer, quality of service, delivery time, etc.

The things to Find a genuine Holden parts dealer:

  1. Check the websites: The dealer’s website will provide the adequate amount of information you need about the parts you are planning to order. Information like price, delivery etc., are usually mentioned on the website.
  2. Licence and genuine parts: The next point you need to remember is checking for the authenticity of the dealer or store. Having an authorised membership/ certificate from the manufacturer, i.e., the GM Holden Pty Ltd., is an added point if you compare the dealers. Also, look for Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the details available.
  3. Reviews from customers: You shouldn’t buy anything from anybody without looking for reviews of a store or service provider. If they score at least 4/5 or 7/10, it’s a good store.
  4. Experience: Check how experienced the dealer is, i.e., the total years s/he has been in this field, especially with the Holden car parts.
  5. Customer care quality: Try to find out the customer care and after-sales service quality of the dealer. The parts may be good and the staff too, but the after-sales service is essential if you are buying car parts.
  6. Location: The closer the dealer is to you, the better. At least look for the dealer in the same country; if there aren’t any, look for them in the nearest country. Every dealer has a delivery option, but it would be great if you can go and see the store.
  7. Delivery speed: Delivering something across the globe is not a challenging task nowadays. If your dealer is not offering a reasonable time for delivery, look for another one with a faster delivery service.
  8. Price: A reasonable price is appropriate for a great product and the hard work behind the service. But, if your dealer exaggerates the cost as the Holden car parts are of limited supply, look for another dealer immediately.
  9. Established outlet: A well-established outlet for car parts and service is a sign of responsibility and quality of service. Don’t opt for a store that looks like an oversized garage or a set up that they made quickly to get some business.

If you make sure all the points in the list are considered, you won’t regret the purchase. A thorough analysis of the website itself should give you an idea of what the dealer is providing and the shipping and after-sales services.

Holden cars are amazing, and make sure that the parts you order are amazing, too, by following the steps mentioned above.

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