A Brief Insight into The Gambling Legislation In Czech Republic

In the Czech Republic, it is against the law to participate in gambling where you could win or lose money due to chance or other things you can’t control. This includes, but is not limited to, games of chance, betting, and lotteries. Section 3 of the 2016 Gambling Act says this (the Gambling Act).

Any game that fits the general description but doesn’t fit the criteria for one of the following types of gambling is against the law. If operators don’t make sure their games fit into one of these seven categories or meet the general description, they might not comply (e.g., no bet is involved or a skill-based game).

In Czech law, free prize draws are similar to what is usually called a “consumer lottery” or a “consumer game.” Since they follow consumer protection rules, you can play these games without getting in trouble. Before the Gambling Act, some kinds of consumer lotteries were illegal or had stringent rules. 2 Consumer lotteries are not against the law because of the Gambling Act or Directive 2005/29/EC, which says that lotteries are a business (i.e., they are not a type of gambling).

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Under the Gambling Act, the number of licenses that can be given out is not limited. Anyone can apply for a gaming license as long as they follow all the rules. On the other hand, local governments can decide to limit gambling within their borders. Local governments in the United States and Canada can only put limits on technical games, live games, bingo, and small tournaments on land. Local governments don’t have control over online gambling.

The Ministry keeps this list as a private, non-public database to help the players’ families and the rest of the community. A person gets on the list either because a state authority decides to or because someone asks to be on it. The Gambling Act says that gambling operators can’t let a person who is registered to gamble come to the gambling location or make or use a user account. As of April 1, 2021, there were 205,923 people on the list. Eight hundred eighty-nine of them asked to be there, and the government added the other 205,034.

Government control and business on its own

The Gambling Act says that anyone who meets the requirements can work in the gambling business. The Czech Republic does not own or run any places where people can gamble.

 Problems with boundaries

There are a few exceptions, but most gambling laws in the country are made at the national level. Everyone who wants a license to gamble must first get a “basic license” from the Ministry of Justice. Before a gambling venue can open for business, the person who wants to open it must get a separate “place a gambling facility” license from each city where they want to open it. This is true for online games, live games, bingo, and other types of gambling that take place on land. Cities and towns can ban technical games, live games, bingo, and small tournaments without favoring one type over another. Since gambling is against the law in a particular city, the applicant cannot do business there.

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