Buy and sell property in Istanbul

A complete guide to buy property in Istanbul

Buy property in Istanbul is not just a simple purchase and sale. You can achieve your dream by purchasing the right property. If you dream of living in a beautiful and safe country to provide for the future of yourself and your family, buy property in Istanbul is what you need. Istanbul real estate is one of the popular options for foreign buyers, because if you buy property in Turkey, you can get Turkish citizenship by investment.

You can experience a safe purchase by visiting our experienced advisors in HausBiz, because we are proud to provide our customers with unique opportunities and give them a new life by providing the best property purchase consulting services in Turkey.

Property buying rules in Istanbul

The rules of buy property in Istanbul include a set of paperwork and an administrative process, according to which you are required to formalize the transfer process of your desired property at the property registry office and sign two types of documents that you can receive after obtaining a residence certificate. The process of obtaining a residence certificate is a time-consuming and almost difficult process that is possible only with the help of experienced real estate consultants.

So, if you are planning to buy property in Turkey, contact our consultants right now to successfully overcome all the obstacles and rules of buy property in Istanbul in the easiest possible way.

Types of property to buy in Istanbul

There are various options to buy property in Istanbul, which you can choose depending on your conditions and tastes.

Buy villa in Istanbul

One of the types of buy property in Istanbul is buying a villa, which is one of the most popular options for buying property for investors and foreign buyers. You can buy the villa you want in the beautiful city of Istanbul and use it for living or investing.

Buy apartment in Istanbul

Another popular option to buy property in Istanbul is buying an apartment. Some people believe that buying a property in Turkey has its own paperwork, of course, the process of legalizing documents in each country is subject to its own strict rules, but don’t forget that this whole process can be implemented by relying on an experienced and professional team.

If you experience buying a property in Istanbul with our professional team, you will find a simple and completely safe purchase. Because our team is completely familiar with Turkish laws. In addition, the new rules for buy property in Turkey have become much simpler and more accessible for foreigners, which only requires a knowledgeable team to achieve the goals of the buyer and investor.

Buy residence or residential complex in Istanbul

One of the reasons for the popularity of buy property in Istanbul is obtaining residency through buying a property. This special privilege is an easy and very low-hassle way to obtain citizenship privileges and increase the chances of receiving a visa from European countries. By buying a residence or a residential complex in Istanbul, you can achieve one to two years of residence in the beautiful country of Turkey, depending on the expediency and timing of your immigration officer. If you have not yet obtained a residence permit in Turkey, contact our consultants to receive the process of registering your foreigner’s identification number from the TNP Foreign Office in the easiest way.

Types of property in Istanbul

Buy commercial property in Istanbul

By buying a property in Turkey, you can enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle by paying the lowest cost. Turkey has many affordable properties that attract many buyers and investors. Therefore, if you intend to buy property in Istanbul, you should know that buyers and investors of property in Istanbul have a high and safe business rating. As a real estate buyer or investor in Turkey, you can enjoy the privilege of Turkish residence and in addition to the safe investment experience, you can also benefit from the side privileges of a Turkish citizen.

Buy property in different areas of Istanbul

There are many beautiful options available to buy property in Istanbul, and we mention some of the most popular ones.


Sariyer is located in the European part of Istanbul and is one of the most attractive and popular areas to buy property in Istanbul for foreign and domestic buyers and investors. This part of the city has tall, modern and standard buildings that bring you comfort and peace with their wonderful facilities in social, cultural, health, educational, etc. fields.


To buy property in Istanbul, you can also explore the beautiful area of Şişli. This area is located in the European part of Istanbul and is considered one of its new and aristocratic neighborhoods. Due to the scenic areas of this area, such as Atatürk’s house, Şişli churches, Fire Museum, Ilamor Palace, etc., it is considered one of the most visited and beautiful areas of the city.


If your goal of buy property in Istanbul is to live in the Asian part of this city, Ataşehir is right for you. Ataşehir district is located in the Asian part of Istanbul, it has many entertainment centers, parks, restaurants, beautiful cafes, famous universities such as Yeditepe and Ajibadem, famous shopping centers such as Palladium, Mosaic, Novada, etc., and its population is about 700 thousand. It also has a highly developed transportation network.


Anyone who plans to buy property in Turkey should also prioritize Kadıköy. Kadıköy is one of the old, famous and crowded areas of Istanbul. In this area, you can see numerous monasteries built in historical gardens, a 5th century church, close quarters of English and French soldiers of the Crimean War, Florence Nightingale Room Museum, etc.


If your goal of buying a property in Istanbul is to be in the neighborhood of young people and to live in a vibrant and lively area, Esenyurt Istanbul is a good option. Most of the residents of this area are young because there are high-quality and famous educational centers and institutions in this area.

Easy property buying in Istanbul

Property purchase price in Istanbul

The average purchase price of a property in Istanbul is 20,000 lira per square meter. This amount is an estimate and it is obvious that the cost of buying a property in the city center is higher. For example, the price of buying a property in Şişli area is more than 40,000 lira per square meter. Note that the total value of the purchased property must be at least $75,000 to obtain Turkish residency, and the property value must be at least $400,000 to obtain Turkish citizenship by investment.

Advantages of buying property in Istanbul

Buy property in Istanbul has many advantages, some of which are mentioned below.

  • Obtaining Turkish residence and citizenship
  • Buying high-quality and affordable properties
  • Safe investment
  • Having citizenship facilities and…

you can refer to our consultants at HausBiz to have a safe and comfortable purchase and find and buy the property you want in Istanbul. Buy property in Istanbul with HausBiz will be a memorable and attractive experience.






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