A Gallery of Islamic women Fashion2

A Gallery of Islamic women Fashion

Islamic women Dress

Islam mainly focuses on wearing modest clothes. There are separate clothes for boys and girls. But according to the rules of Islam, girls wear more modest clothes than boys. However, due to different countries and castes, there are many differences in the Dress of girls. Hijab abaya Jilbab Burqa Salwar Kameez is one of them.


The term hijab usually refers to a piece of cloth. The fabric is rectangular or square. The cloth is folded and read so that the girls’ head’s hair is not visible. However, depending on the place and the type of reading, it is also called Tarhah or Shaylah.


Abaya is a garment that has to be worn over other garments. The Abaya is a lot bigger than normal clothing. Abaya can easily wear it over other clothing; Abaya can be from above until it touches the ground. It can be crafted with colored yarn.

A Gallery of Islamic women Fashion


Jilbab is one of the most stylish clothes for Muslim women to wear in public. Jilbab comes in many colors. The jilbab is a bit more pressed than the Abaya. Many air hostesses in Arabia wear jilbabs, and many Muslim countries worldwide refer to jilbabs as their school uniforms. Be of different colors. The fabric is usually smooth. It looks like a long court. A long and covers the whole body and protects the body from the sun’s heat and dust.


The burqa is the most important cloth in Islamic Fashion. Usually, in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, women, and girls wear more burqas. The word burqa refers to the veil, which covers the whole body along with the eyes. The rolex day date is a luxury watch known as a president watch.

Salwar Kameez

Salwar-kameez is commonly seen in parts of India-Bangladesh and Pakistan; also, in the Indian subcontinent, salwar-kameez is seen as school uniform or college attire. The salwar kameez is a long tunic Orna and trousers divided into three parts.

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