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A Guide To Ace In Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are fun and tricky at the same time. They are built to challenge your logic and strain your neurons. Some of the escape rooms are so difficult that it seems like they cannot be solved. However, no escape room is unconquerable. There is always a solution, it lies in front of you, hidden somewhere. All that is required is some tilt in the perspective.

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Tips to Conquer the Escape Room

1. Divide work and make a plan of action- every team assignment requires a team leader. The leader must plan a strategy, divide the work and push the team to move forward. A leaderless team runs agog with no direction. Similarly, action with no plan of action is like running on a treadmill. Plan in advance how you will move further.

2. Communicate and plan with your teammates- the key to the success of any team activity is free and fluid communication. Each room offers you a lot to see and explore. Each member of the team would have a different perspective towards what they have found. A clue to one may be crap to the other. Thus, communication of ideas becomes very important.

Besides that, if you do not communicate the leads with the team, your teammates might squander time on an already solved puzzle. This will pillage you out of time and would jeopardize your chances of winning.

3. Expose yourself to multiple puzzles- the more puzzles you work on, the better you will adapt to new puzzles and more will be your success in puzzles. Besides that, long exposure to difficult tasks makes the difficult task easy.

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4. Refer for hints- ego doesn’t win you anything. You might start with a mindset to win the puzzle without any hint but some puzzles are created to waste your time. In such a case, taking a hint becomes a necessity. Never be shy to ask for hints. No hint is direct, thus even when you take a hint, you would still be required to strain the brain. All you get is a better direction of thinking.

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5. Organize the objects- the clues and objects that you receive bring you close to the final solution. However, sometimes, a single clue does not work. You will be required to put together all the clues to understand where the hint is directing you. Thus, having an organized set of clues will be very helpful in solving even the most difficult puzzles.


Escape rooms are an escape from reality. While you’re having fun, you’re also solving some mind-teasing puzzles. The right strategy and plan of action will make the escape rooms more fun and interesting exercise.

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