A Guide to Cambodian Music Festival – A Clear-sightedness into Its Rich Music Culture

Over nearly two millennia, Cambodian culture has been an essential source of Cultural inspiration with the long history of religion. With the evolution of modern society, Cambodians have developed a unique and rich music culture. Essentially, Cambodia’s musical art is influenced by Brahmin-Hindu culture. There are religious dances and sacred tales. Some performances feature a pinpeat, which consists of cymbals, xylophone, and year of Krahabee, gongs, fiddle, and various drums. 

Due to this rich music culture, much Cambodian music festival has frequently been holding. Such as “International Music Festival Phom Penh”, “New Vision Music and Art Festival”, “Angkor Festival,” “Afterlife Raveground”, and so on. If you are curious in knowing about the music culture and Music Festivals in Cambodia, you can read this article from top to bottom. Here you can get a detailed guideline of Music Festivals in Cambodia.

How do you buy a Cambodian music festival ticket?

The popularity of Music Festivals in Cambodia, which is held all over the city, can be inferred from the fact that every year, tickets are sold out immediately after the ticket sales start. 

Essentially, ticket sales often start about a few months to half a year before the festival, so once you have decided on the music festival you want to go to and the work you want to see, check the festival’s sales schedule website. Tickets can be purchased online or by phone, at some music festivals at local ticket offices, or through tourist information. Also, if there are seats left, you can purchase the same-day ticket at the venue window.

Basic overview of Cambodian music culture: 

Cambodian music culture has a long history. There are developments related to music in Southeast Asia Traces of musical prosperity have been recorded in carvings of many stone castles in the ancient Khmer kingdom around the 7th to 12th century when the Kingdom of Bangkok was once prosperous. 

Until the present day, Cambodian music is harmonized with the neighbors’ theme and adapted to suit their tastes. There are three forms of Cambodian music; 

Royal cultural music (royal court music): It is called Prairie music Sub (dontrei prareach spa) used to play a role in royal ceremonies.

Tribal music (ethnic music): It is called Don Treachia Jia Japrei Thia (dontrei chuncheat pheak teach) found in rural areas, remote prosperity, or forested areas such as the province of Kiri.

Music culture Rat (people music): It is called Don Tre Progia until (dontrei prorcheachon) appears in the villagers’ music throughout the city. Influential and rural, the leading folk band is the phleng kar, which is used in wedding ceremonies. Music festivals require a lot of energy and can take a toll on your mental/physical health

How do you behave at a Cambodian music festival?

I don’t think you should arrive at the venue at the start of the performance. Even after arriving, it takes some time, such as checking seats and handing overcoats and baggage at the cloakroom. Let’s go out with plenty of time to arrive at least 15 to 30 minutes before the start of the performance.

One of the pleasures is to have light champagne or white wine in the lounge before the performance starts. When the first signal of the start announcement sounds, the person in the inner seat away from the aisle will enter the hall with this signal, and the person in the middle near the gallery will join with the second signal. 

It is a device for the spectators to sit smoothly between the narrow seats. And finally, the performance starts with the third signal! Be careful not to make noise during the performance. If you cannot stop coughing or sneezing, you need to consider leaving your seat temporarily.


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