A Guide to Camping for Beginners

Camping is a great vacation choice, whether it’s only for a few days or maybe a few nomadic months. Not only is it easy for solo travelers or couples, but it’s also a great option for families looking to save a little extra money on their accommodation and go for a budget-friendly choice with a whole range of campsites around the country. It’s also an option that can easily go hand-in-hand with certain trips, such as hiking vacations or fishing trips.

When you’ve never been camping before, the idea can seem daunting, however. How do you do it properly? What equipment do you need? How do you ensure you can stay safe out in nature?

Here’s your camping for beginners guide to get you started.

  • Choosing the Right Tent Will Make All the Difference

When you’re trying to save money, you might be tempted to plump for the cheapest option or a very basic tent. You might even want to order online to save yourself any hassle. This isn’t too bad when you’re a solo traveler, but if you have a few family members traveling with you, it can be a risk.

Trying out a tent for size is always encouraged. This means going shopping at a place that has the tents constructed so you can see how the size matches your needs. It’s always better to invest a little more in quality, too. Not only for reliability but to make it more likely your tent will stand the test of time and be used again and again for camping trips in the future!

  • Plan for All Emergencies

The unexpected can always happen on any vacation, but when it comes to camping, there is far worse that can go wrong when you’re more at mercy to the weather and nature itself. That’s why planning for all emergencies when camping is an absolute must. Think of the most likely emergency situations – such as a broken tent, requiring first aid, a family member getting lost – and do everything you can to plan for that. These supplies needed for emergency prep are imperative, as well as packing spares of the most essential items, like a backup tent or a way to fix yours should things go wrong.

  • Always Check Campsite Facilities and Rules

A lot of people might be under the misconception that when camping or traveling like a nomad for a while, you can stop and sleep wherever you like, but it’s not the case. A lot of car parks or sites will have strict rules on no overnight camping.

Not only that, but the official campsites out there might not have everything you need. For instance, some may be dog-friendly, which will be essential if you’re planning to take your pup. Some may not have bathroom facilities to your liking, while others may be too far away from necessities like shops. It depends on how remote you would like to go.

Final Thought

Once you have these basic essentials down, you can begin to better tailor your camping trip by knowing what you do and don’t want, how much you can afford on equipment like tents, and where you would like to go camping.


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