A long Slot – The rise and rise of the humble slot machine

For many people – particularly those in the UK, the term ‘slot machine’ will often conjure up images of penny games played in arcades on windy seafronts during their annual holiday. For others, however, slot machines mean big bucks and, in this article, we’ll take a look at some of the world’s luckiest slots winners.

A star is born

A long Slot The rise and rise of the humble slot machine1

It’s thought that the first ever slot machine made its debut in 1891 and was created by New York’s Sittman and Pitt. This early machine contained five drums featuring 50 playing cards and cost just a nickel per play. Slot machines have come a long way since this basic model and, in this section, we’ll take a look at some of those who won big from a small investment: 

Anonymous, Las Vegas

In 2013, a player at the Rampart Casino in Vegas, who has chosen to remain anonymous, decided to feed $20 into a Megabucks casino igre slot machine. Incredibly, by the end of the game, the player walked away with a cool $14.3 million – not a bad day’s work by anyone’s standards!

Jon Hayward, Betway Online

British soldier, Jon, from Crewe, UK, was clearly frugal with his military salary as he spent just 25 pence on the Mega Moolah slot at Betway. This was no doubt the best money that the soldier ever spent as he netted a whopping $20.8 million in prize money. 

Elmer Sherwin, Las Vegas

A long Slot The rise and rise of the humble slot machine

If you ever bump into Vegas native, Elmer Sherwin, you might consider rubbing his shoulder for luck as, in 2005, the 92 year old won $21.1 million playing Megabucks at the Cannery Casino Hotel – 16 years after scooping up $4.6 million on the same game in 1989 at the Mirage Hotel & Casino. 

Johanna Heundl, Las Vegas

72 year old Johanna proved that the early bird really does catch the worm as she scooped a megawin of $22.6 million on the Megabucks machine at Bally’s in 2002 – all before breakfast. In order to snag the huge win, the pensioner invested a fairly modest $170 at the machine. 


Far from the humble pub slot machine, these stories show that it really is possible to win life changing sums of money but, where there’s good luck, there’s also bad so, never be tempted to bet more than you can afford to lose. 


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