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TAG wig is on sale! I suggest you read this article for yourself as I will give you 5 reasons to buy a TAG wig in the article. Then you will understand, why TAG wig is so popular with ladies? Of course, I don’t think you have to buy it. But I can state the conclusion first: buying a TAG wig, whether for you or as a gift, is a good choice.

What is TAG wig?

TAG wig actually refers to “throw on and go wig”. This is a series of beautiful and easy-to-wear wigs proposed and defined by American wig brand Luvmehair in 2022. Before that, “throw on and go wig” appeared more as an adjective. And now, Luvmehair has a new interpretation of “throw on and go”.

5 reasons for buy a throw on and go wig

It is not uncommon to make gimmicks from product naming. What really makes a wig great is the value it provides. And this is exactly what Luvmehair is doing. The following 5 advantages are what Luvme throw on and go wig can really bring to you

l  Easy to install

Luvme throw on and go wig pursues extremely convenient installation. “Simple” and “fast” are the best description for throw on and go wig. When Luvmehair designed this series of wigs, it was to serve some independent women who were new to wigs, or who could not spend too much time on wigs due to work reasons. When you have a throw on and go wig, it is no longer difficult to install a wig in ten seconds!

l  Easy to restyle

I’m sure you’ve also struggled with the difficulty of styling wigs. Many people who buy a wig find that they need to spend a lot of time and effort learning wig styling skills. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about the same thing happening with Luvme throw on and go wig. Because, Luvme throw on and go wig is so easy to style. You just need to spray the proper amount of hairspray and fiddle with your fingers and it will be fluffy and pretty

l  Good curls

Beautiful curly wigs are perfect gifts from God. The wig designers at Luvmehair have cleverly designed the curls and used special techniques to make them last longer than normal curls. The magic of Throw on and go is that it makes you look vibrant and feminine whether you are a young woman or an older woman.

l  Good quality

A good wig must be a wig that is durable and will not easily lose hair and frizz. If a wig is easily damaged and loses hair, then it’s a piece of crap. No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on a crap wig that only lasts a week or two. Therefore, the materials of human hair wigs are important.

Luvmehair’s throw on and go wig uses high-quality virgin remy human hair as raw material, so with proper maintenance, it will last for more than a year.

l  Good price

I covered many of the advantages of TAG wig above. You might worry that TAG wigs are expensive. Surprisingly, Luvmehair’s pricing for TAG wig is much lower than that of lace wig. That is to say, you can buy a wig with all kinds of advantages for a small amount of money. In fact, at current prices, both women at work and women in school can afford to throw on and go wig


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