A Simple Guide on Buying a New Bed Frame

Are you planning to renovate your home or replace some piece of furniture for good? Most people think of replacing their beds after some time because it loses its strength and becomes weak. Often people get confused whether the mattress is the problem or the bed base is the problem for not having a good night’s sleep.

There can be a problem with the mattress or the bed itself, but you cannot replace either of them before finding the problem. The frame of the bed is equally important as its mattress, so you need to be sure about what exactly you need when you search for a bed.

This post covers all the necessary details and tips when you shop website for a  new bed for your home. Before you get to the guide on buying a bed frame, you must ask yourself the below-mentioned questions.

  1. What should be the size of your bed?
  2. What should be the colour of the base?
  3. How much is your spending capacity for purchasing the bed?
  4. Do you need a single or a double bed?
  5. Do you need springs or slats?

Once you have fixed answers to these questions, you are ready to begin searching for a new bed.

Key factors to consider for buying a new bed

  1. What is the mattress size?

If you don’t want to replace your mattress, you must consider the current mattress size before buying the base. Measure your mattress from all corners so that it fits perfectly with your bed frame. If you end up buying the wrong size bed frame, you would have to make alterations to your mattress or replace the base.

  1. What is the room size?

The size of your room is equally important as the size of your mattress. If you have a smaller bedroom, you cannot buy a king-size bed. Your bed should complement the size of your room perfectly. A too large or too small bed can change the appearance of your room and make it look odd. So, always know the dimensions of your room before buying a bed frame.

  1. What type of support do you need?

Most beds come with either a box spring support or platform support. You can pick any one, depending on your level of comfort. Remember that platform beds are lower in height in comparison to box spring beds.

  1. What should be the height of your bed?

It depends on an individual how high they want their bed to be. Suppose you have mobility issues, then a platform bed is not meant for you. People who have trouble bending or sitting must go for a high bed to get the flexibility of movement.

  1. What should be the material used in the bed frame?

Commonly you find wooden or metal bed frames in the market. However, the quality of the material also plays an important role in making a decision. The main difference between choosing a wooden or a metal bed is the appearance they would provide. The wooden bed gives a more classic and rich look. In contrast, a metal bed gives a very subtle and basic appearance. The material choice also depends on the budget you have set for buying the bed frame.

Before you choose a bed base, keep in mind that you follow all the criteria discussed in this article. Also, remember to check the reputation and rating of a company before trusting them for buying their product. There are several consumer forums where you can get honest feedback about a company that you might be interested in. So, do your research thoroughly to get 100% satisfaction.


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