A Simple Guide to Achieving Full Financial Freedom

Most people, especially adults, across the United States have some kind of debt, be that a student loan, a mortgage or else a bank loan, or even loans from more questionable companies and more and more people are starting to struggle to break free of their money worries.

So, whether this sounds like you, or else you are looking into options for a loved one, then you have come to the right place. Continue reading to discover a simple guide to achieving full financial freedom.

Start Working to a Budget

One of the simplest, but most effective, ways to start to concentrate on what you are spending every day and take control of your essential outgoings is to sit down, on your own, and write yourself a budget.

Note down all your outgoings. First, those which are mandatory, such as your mortgage payment and any direct debits you may have and then those outgoings which are necessary but not automatic, such as filling your car up with gas or a travel card to get to work.

Consider Debt Consolidation

If you are starting to feel as if you may never be free from the threat of creditors knocking at your door and never open any of your mail in case it is a summons or a threat of further action should you not immediately pay a particular debt in full, then there is one option which can clear your mind of worry.

Taking out one of the reputable and renowned debt consolidation loans from an established loan provider will not only mean you have just one monthly payment to think about but also

Try to Bring Interest Rates Down

For people with one or more credit cards, access your statement from either your online account or the next time you receive one through the post and look at how much interest you are paying. In situations where an individual’s credit score is high, or even in some cases simply ‘fair’, then it may be possible for you to transfer your credit card debt to a transfer balance account instead, which will have a period of zero required credit.

Furthermore, when it comes to the various energy companies you pay either quarterly or annually to supply you with gas, electricity and water, it is worth shopping around to see if you can get lower quotes or at least a reduction to your current statements.

Record Everything You Buy in One Week

Finally, for a whole week, no matter what you buy or how you pay, be that with loose change in the bottom of your bag, or your credit card, record everything you buy, either on paper, or more efficiently, on the ‘notes’ application on your smartphone.

You will truly be surprised at how many things you buy that you neither need nor want, such as after filling up with gas, grabbing a chocolate bar and a takeaway coffee for the road, when in reality you will be at a friend’s house in a few minutes where candy and coffee are free.


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