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Recently, the house brands of AE888 seem to have covered quite a lot in the Vietnamese market. One of them that we cannot help but mention is AE8888. Thereby AE8888 is also recognized as the brand representative for the house AE888 in Vietnam. So why have this opinion, the answer will be answered by our experts in the article below.

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AE8888 is a house brand belonging to the online casino system from Venus Casino. In particular, Venus Casino is a live casino built and operating in Cambodia. So you can completely believe that: AE8888 is a legal house brand from the country of golden pagodas and towers.

Right from the establishment of the house, it also received the consent and permission of the Cambodian government. In addition, they also received a business license from the Costa Rican organization in the field of online betting. Therefore, the house will always ensure the legality and credibility for players when investing to make money here.

Currently, AE8888 is strengthening its online casino betting system day by day with quality products and best experience services. In addition, the house also ensures maximum benefits for players participating in AE8888. It is for this reason that AE8888 has increasingly conquered players around the world.

AE8888 is actually a bookie built by AE 888. The reason why AE888 built this house brand for them is because: The Vietnamese market has not yet allowed online betting to operate. Therefore, the links to AE888 after operating in our country for a while have been blocked.

It is for the above reason that AE888 – AE3888 often have to update the new link system for themselves. In which AE8888 is one of the new links belonging to the backup website system of AE888.

With the interface design to the quality of betting service and experience, it is no different from AE888. Therefore, AE8888 is considered to be the dealer representing the brand of AE888 in Vietnam. This is the explanation for the question asked by players when they do not know why the house has become the representative of AE888.

With your credibility and legitimacy, there will be no reason for you to refuse to participate in AE8888. In addition to prestige, the house also brings many benefits and advantages to its members.Currently, the game store of AE8888 meets the majority of the needs of a large number of members participating in the house. Thereby, members will easily choose their favorite games such as

The games are all highly entertaining and help you earn a lot of bonuses when you win.
Player information is always 100% confidential

Currently, the bookie’s website has been recognized as a safe and secure website from the GEOTRUST organization. Therefore, you can rest assured that the information you provide to the house will always be absolutely confidential. Surely there will never be a player’s information being exposed to the outside.

Not only brings a perfect and friendly website interface on PC. AE8888 also officially successfully launched the bookie application on mobile phones. This has made the betting experience of players easier and more convenient than ever.
Players are rewarded with super big promotions

Promotion is one of the promotional events that members cannot miss when joining the house. Especially the promotions that are easy to receive from AE8888 below

The bookie switchboard is the part that will support players during the process of investing in sports betting, over and over, squirrel, … at AE8888. Thereby if the player encounters any questions? You just need to contact the bookie’s switchboard through the following channels: Call, chat now, send email… You will receive the best and fastest advice and support from the bookie.

In general, if you are looking to choose a bookie that ensures the elements of prestige – safety – quality – legitimacy. AE8888 will always be the perfect and brightest choice for you today. Join the house, you will experience the betting space

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