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About Instagram and Its Various Features

Let’s confer what Instagram is..

Founded by Systrom and Mike Krieger, graduates of Stanford University in 2010, Instagram has turned out to be the most successful social media application of all time. with more than 600 million users and more already registered on the application, it witnesses more registrations every day.  Instagram is a social media application that allows it’s registered users to post pictures and videos for free and share it with all its followers. In a nick of time this application has housed multiple businesses that are running online. with so much to do and such success of the app, Facebook , the social media giant bought the app in 2012. While it’s basic work is to help users share pictures and videos it also offers you to message or call people and create IGTV short films or even share files. 

Features offered by Instagram:

  • Direct messages:

Direct messages or casually called DM’s are messenger services offered by Instagram to help you communicate with your friends through the applications. you could have interesting chat theme’s, gifs, stickers etc to make your chat even more interesting. What’s more interesting is that you can even send a digital gift through DM to your friend. Direct messages even allow you to share files with your friends.

  • Instagram reels:

One of the favorite parts of Instagram that almost everyone loves is Instagram reels. These are short videos of up to 1 minutes meant for entertainment and promotions. These include interesting filters and effects to make your video more interesting. To save them in your mobile from Instagram app you can use Instazoom reels downloader.

  • IGTV videos:

The IGTV feature of Instagram allows you to post videos of more than 1 minute. These are short films. IGTV videos work well when promoting a brand or business. 

  • Calling options:

Instagram has more than you think, it even offers you good quality voice calls and video calls to stay connected with your loved ones. You could even use filters during your video calls making it more interesting. 

  • Instagram posts and stories:

The main purpose of the application initially was to allow users a platform to share their pictures and videos. Instagram posts are placeholders where you can upload your pictures and videos that are visible on your profile in a grid throughout, whereas Instagram stories also allow you to post pictures and videos but these are visible only for 24 hours unless you add them to the highlights. Highlights are permanent spots on your profile to place your story to be viewed for more than 24 hours. You can add privacy as to who can see your story.

Benefits of using Instagram:

Instagram is an application that supports creativity and businesses. It accounts for maximum online businesses. This platform provides you exposure to reach millions of individuals with your products and services. The application not only allows small content creators a platform to display their talent but also helps them bag bigger opportunities by exposing their content to bigger artists. It offers great filters and effects to make your pictures and videos look more better and appealing. You could keep track of someone really near or even a celebrity through this app. so you have the feed from all over just on this small application.


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