Aconcagua Climb: Practical guide with tips

How to climb Aconcagua? It is something that I always wanted to find out and that, luckily, I was able to discover. To do Aconcagua ascents, you must hire high-quality services and logistics in mountaineering and trekking activities. Make sure they only use professional guides with high qualifications. I have been using services in mountaineering and trekking activities for a few years, and now I will continue to do the next time. Recommended 100%. My experience in the Aconcagua hike has been doubly exceptional. In the acclimatization phase to begin the ascent, they have provided me with the necessary logistical support to complete the summit’s climb, a formidable experience with impressive landscapes. Already in Mendoza, the guides have accompanied me. They have always done their best so that everything went exquisitely well, preparations, transport, logistics, etc., and has always been aware of the course and progress of the ascent. I have reached the summit of Aconcagua. Without any doubt, thanks to the support of my guides and my mental strength. At Plaza de Mulas, at all times, they have provided me with everything I need to organize the ascent in the best possible way, as well as meetings in person to explain all the details. Without a doubt, I recommend hiring local services to anyone who wants to carry out any activity in Mendoza due to their professionalism, their closeness and friendliness, and the security they provide in their activities. It was an incredible experience. We appreciate the attention received from the moment we started planning our trip to Aconcagua, with many questions that were answered one by one. They advised us in a very professional way, and the result was an unforgettable trip. Many thanks to my expedition companions, Mark, Johny, those who accompanied us on our expedition Jorge (guide), Pedro (muleteer) and Carlos (cook). It was fantastic. A great experience that we must repeat on new trips. We are very grateful to everyone, especially the guides. Also to the logistics staff. Without a doubt, the most remarkable experiences I have had was the walk to Plaza de Mulas. The incredible landscapes. The guide, a great person, and the cooks and everyone involved in both the Confluencia and Plaza de Mulas camps. Each place marked an experience. Those of us in the group made good friends. Finally, I made the summit on Cerro Bonete and Aconcagua, even with bad weather at the beginning. The truth is that you want to repeat, both in the base camps and in the altitude camps, both routes are beautiful and provide a lot of activity. I have returned from Aconcagua greatly satisfied, many kilometres and thousands of meters of unevenness travelled. I have dealt with and enjoyed a hostile climate and wind. Throughout this adventure in the mountains, he has developed the best strategies to achieve the expedition’s objective.


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