Adell Kimbrough: Pilot, Entrepreneur, and Nonprofit Leader

Detroit native Adell Kimbrough is a world-renowned motivational speaker, author, and private pilot. Adell serves as the president of a Miami-based nonprofit organization called Prophetic World Group, whose programs include a church, college scholarships for kids in smaller cities and poorer communities, and leadership programs in schools.

Adell became a pilot enthusiast in 2016 during a mission trip to Guatemala. “While the larger aircraft could fly into the main airports, like at Guatemala City, they could not fly into the more remote landing strips,” Adell says. “We had to take smaller aircraft for those places, and I decided that I wanted to become a private pilot so that on future trips, I’ll be able to take over if anything happens. Knowing how to fly is a very useful skill when you’re traveling in more undeveloped regions of the world.” Ultimately, Adell says, his goal is to found a private jet charter for pastors.


Adell likes to use his life experiences to help others, which is why he wrote From Passengers to Pilots. He sees a connection between where people fly on airplanes and how we journey through life. “Whether you are a passenger or a pilot determines how you go through life,” Adell explains. “Are you riding in the cabin or in the cockpit? Too many of us settle because we don’t know if we possess the wherewithal to even be a pilot. All that separates you from what you want is a choice to go after it. It’s why some people go after their dreams while too many others give up on them. I ultimately want the world to stop settling for mediocrity.”  Adell has also written other books that explore the treasures people can find in themselves when they look to God.


In addition to being an author, Adell is the founder and leader of Prophetic World Group and travels across the country, teaching students about nonviolence and sex-abstinence. “I also teach them about what real leadership looks like,” Adell says. “I am passionate about ending bullying in schools. We even talk about human trafficking. I believe in talking about the tough topics and in shaping the next generation to be peaceful and respectful of others.”


When he isn’t traveling, Adell is at Prophetic World Group’s church in Detroit, Michigan. “In addition to our services, we offer spiritual advising to celebrities and high profile clients. Mental stability is key for us to operate at the highest level of creation,” Adell believes. 


Prophetic World Group is growing steadily. “The pandemic meant that our church could not hold in-person services, of course, so we pivoted and started a virtual dialogue on Facebook called TNC or Thursday Night Church. We had a viewership of 10,000+ in the first month of starting.”


As the pandemic continues, Adell works with dignitaries in the church world. “Their donations have been hit, of course, so I have taught church leaders how to maintain and even heighten their ability to receive virtual donations.”


Adell is thankful for the success he has achieved thus far. “I owe where I am today to thousands of people around the world. Their support has carried me through the challenges I’ve faced in my own life.”


Adell has a special heart for entrepreneurs and is always looking to mentor the next generation. When asked what he would say to them, he laughs a little. “If they want my advice, I’ll give them two words: testicular fortitude. I think you get the point, but in layman’s terms, it means to inwardly possess the courage to conquer the world. If you’ve got that, you’ll accomplish what you set out to do.”


Adell has more to accomplish with Prophetic World Group. “Five years from now, I see us with about nine churches all over the country, and we’re shooting for an annual profit of $1 million. I definitely want us to expand and affect more people.”


After persevering for many years to achieve his own goals, Adell has his own view of success. “It’s not the strength of water that cuts the rock but rather its persistency. Be persistent! Never look at the cup as half empty or half full. Rather, be grateful that you even have a cup because at any moment, you can receive.”


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