Advantages of a Custom Wardrobe

Advantages of a Custom Wardrobe

Most wardrobes you find in bedrooms are very standard and basic. They tend to have three to four compartments for storing clothes and a hanging rail as an optional fitting. Unfortunately, everyday wardrobes don’t meet the needs of every user.

If you are a person who owns long dresses, lot’s of suits, many different accessories or a large collection of shoes, then you will probably find that a standard wardrobe isn’t suited to your requirements. Your dresses won’t have room to hang, the suits will be all bunched together, the accessories will be cluttered and your shoes will be thrown in a pile at the base of the closet.

Custom wardrobes are designed to meet the specific needs of an individual. In addition, they have several additional features that improve usability and functionality. Here are some benefits to owning a custom wardrobe.

Extra custom storage

Custom wardrobes allow the addition of extra storage areas with the design of your choice. The storage compartments can be designed to house specific items and often come in different dimensions. For example, you can fit varied storage baskets in separate compartments to make the organisation of accessories easy. In addition, large items that would not fit in standard wardrobes can find space in a custom unit.

You can also install drawers into your custom wardrobe to give additional storage space.  Drawers have numerous designs and are great for locking away items or storing your day to day clothing items. Whatever you choose to use them for, custom wardrobes allow you to select the right amount of draws to suit your needs.


Custom wardrobes come with numerous fittings that standard closets lack. The fittings are designed to improve aesthetics and usability.

Hanging hooks

Although hanging hooks are small, they serve multiple functions that make a wardrobe convenient.

Hooks are great for storing hats, handbags, coats and jackets. They are either fitted on the exterior face of the door panel or the interior surface which helps to keep your wardrobe neat and looking great.

Shoe rack

A shoe rack is another great addition to a custom wardrobe. The rack is often fitted in the bottom compartments of custom wardrobes. The size depends on what sort of shoes you own and of course, the unit’s dimensions.


A mirror is not a standard fitting in most closets. However, custom wardrobes can feature mirrors that enhance functionality and improve the overall aesthetics of a room.

Mirrors fitted on the exterior face of a closet make a space look bigger. The mirrors also improve lighting in the room through the reflective surface. The interior surface of the door panel is also an excellent option for fitting a large mirror. The fitting ensures you can see how great you look after dressing up!


Dressers are great for so many purposes, and, in your custom wardrobe, you can design them as you want. With your dresser in your closet, you can choose what to wear and do your make-up all in one place.

A dresser has all the fixtures. A mirror for doing makeup or checking your appearance, a stool or chair to comfortably sit, lighting to see what you are doing and drawers for storing your jewellery and accessories.


A great benefit of custom wardrobes is the cost flexibility. The cost of a build is based on the number and type of fittings you choose. As a result, you can design a wardrobe that fits your budget perfectly while offering the functions you need.

Moreover, with a custom build, you only spend money on what you need. You don’t have to waste money on unnecessary fittings that don’t serve your needs.

The resale value of custom closets is also high. Since the builds are unique, they fetch higher prices in the market.

Aesthetic designs

Custom wardrobes not only serve storage functions but also enhance the look of a room. You can design the closet to match other furniture units in the bedroom and it can also feature unique colours that make the space more appealing.

Door panels offer a great opportunity to style the bedroom space. They can accommodate wallpapers and other unique finishes that enhance the aesthetics of the space.

A custom wardrobe is an excellent addition to a bedroom space. Since you customise the final design, there is no room for disappointment.






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