Advantages of Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer

If you suffer harm due to an accident, you are entitled to compensation for various losses such as missed earnings, medical expenses, and emotional distress. While you can pursue a personal injury case independently, it’s usually advantageous to engage a qualified personal injury attorney from a respected firm like Redkey Gordon Law Corp. Here are some advantages of hiring a legal representative…

Expertise in Negotiation: Insurance providers often employ strategies to persuade victims of injuries that their cases are not as valuable as they actually look. Sometimes, they may even present offers that are far below what is fair, hoping victims will settle for less. Attempting to finalize a deal with an insurance firm can be challenging, especially when you’re grappling with physical injuries and financial burdens. 

But you can hire a skilled lawyer who can take over the negotiation process on your behalf. Legal experts are trained in negotiation techniques both in their academic studies and throughout their years in the field, which often leads to better financial settlements for their clients.

Enhance the Strength of Your Case: Having a personal injury lawyer often comes with the added benefit of access to a network of experienced professionals in various domains. These connections can be invaluable when you need expert witnesses to testify in support of your case, something that frequently occurs in personal injury lawsuits. A lawyer who has relationships with such experts can bolster the credibility of your case substantially.

Assistance in Securing Medical Treatment: Some healthcare providers are hesitant to treat victims of accidents due to concerns about potential legal complications and unfamiliarity with billing auto insurance firms. 

If you consult with a personal injury lawyer soon after being injured in an accident, they may be able to help you find a medical professional willing to treat you. These attorneys often have established relationships with doctors and specialists, and they can direct you to someone who can provide appropriate medical care.

Help Avoid Costly Errors: Shortly after an accident, insurance companies reach out to the injured parties. An adjuster may get in touch, presenting themselves as empathetic and seeking to hear your version of events, sometimes even asking for a recorded statement. However, it’s essential to understand that these adjusters prioritize their employer’s interests, not those of the injured. 

Giving a recorded statement can backfire, as the insurance company will likely use your words against you to weaken your claim. Insurance companies may also send release forms asking for your medical records under the guise of verifying your injuries, but in reality, they might use this information to find alternative reasons to attribute your injuries to, thereby weakening your claim.

It’s crucial not to make statements to the insurance company or to sign any documents without first consulting a personal injury lawyer. Your attorney can step in to guide you, helping you steer clear of critical mistakes that could compromise both your claim and your eligibility for rightful compensation.

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