Advantages Of Online Events

Live concerts used to be the rave up until last year due to the global pandemic. They still hold, but on a lesser frequency. So, what alternative do musicians and artists have? The answer is an online concert! Hosting your events online has now become the new norm, and with enhanced technology, there are a lot of available platforms to decide from ensuring the best experience such as Show4me. 

A lot of artists, the likes of John Legend and Lady Gaga, have held virtual concerts, and many more will still do so. If you need resources as to how to host an online concert, show4me has a lot on that. So while you can’t hold your concert at a live venue or see your fans physically, here’s a few reasons why livestreaming your concert is a better option:

  1. Wider coverage geographically: with live concerts, a venue has to be chosen, and people are expected to transport themselves there. There’s really no boundary with online concerts. You can perform in the UK and your fans in Hong Kong would still be there ‘live’. Hosting concerts virtually has made it easier to gain access to every nook and cranny with some internet connection. Building a fan base has never been easier.
  2. Time and cost saving: there’s no need to rent out a large space to hold an event anymore. In fact, no need for a high security profile, you can as well perform from the comfort of your home. This means, little to no cost is attached to holding a virtual event. The artist also avoids spending so much time on the road moving from one location to the other.
  3. No limit on viewership: with online concerts, there’s no physical space to place a limit on who gets to watch and who doesn’t. As compared to renting a 500 seat hall, you can perform online and get access to thousands of viewer from around the world. Viewers who might have been reluctant to leave their locations and show up for a live concert can now watch from anywhere at their convenience.
  4. You can still earn money: what, with specially designed platforms, ticketing a concert, even an online concert is super easy. You can monetize your performance with just the click of a mouse. Online concert does not cutoff your income stream, it grows it!
  5. Better communication with your fans: most livestream platforms provide a dialogue box that allows you to interact with your viewers and fans. This wasn’t exactly possible with live events as the artist was more concerned about moving around on stage without making errors. All that is cleared with online concerts; you really don’t need to move around much and can spend quality time just talking and interacting with fans. But still, don’t forget to perform, it’s a concert after all.
  6. Lesser equipment: you don’t need as much equipment as is needed for a live concert. A virtual event might not need more than a functional phone with good internet services. This cuts down on cost as well.

What’s more, livestreaming your concert means you care about the safety of your fans health wise. The lockdown might be over, but we still need to stay alert. And who says we can’t be unconventional in our approach to concerts. 

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