Advantages of Server Colocation Services UK

Colocation means putting your servers at the data center of your web hosts. They would maintain the IT equipment and other hardware services. Professional data centers do have good compatibility and high sustainability. Power and the internet are the responsibilities of server colocation. 

Also, they are spacious enough to run the business on a grand scale. They ensure you avoid issues like backward technology or slow server speed. UK colocation data centers use the latest technologies. 

The server is the property of the client in server colocation. The data center colocation keeps and maintains it. 

As the complexity of applications increases, colocation becomes a cheaper option. Also, colocation is a one-stop solution. You do not have to manage many different contracts and service agreements. You can enjoy the advantage of volume pricing.

Why Colocation is Better Than Building Your Own Data Center

After getting server colocation, you have much free time to focus on your business growth. Otherwise, you have less time for core business activities. The reason is you are dealing with technical infrastructure. 

You are always busy when you build and maintain your own data center. You are busy dealing with technical issues. This leads to decreasing the time for business growth activities. Businesses do not flourish in such situations. 

How is Colocation Different from Dedicated Hosting

Datacenter maintains the server in dedicated hosting too. You don’t have to build a data center, but there is one fundamental difference. In colocation, the server is your property. You buy the server, keep it in the data center, and the data center maintains it. 

In dedicated hosting, data centers use their servers to host your website. You do not have to buy the server. 

Benefits of Server Colocation

Back in 2021, the colocation market was valued at USD 50,335.72 million. By 2030, the market will grow to USD 159,852.82 million by 2030, according to expectations. The forecast period is from 2022 to 2030. The compound annual growth rate during the period is 13.7%. 

Here are some of the great benefits you enjoy with colo uk.  

1. Cost-efficiency & Saving

Businesses can cut down on costs by going for server colocation. You do not have to spend significant capital on hardware. There will be no infrastructure costs. In colocation data centers, different customers share the cost. It also lets them scale, meet demands, and provide better uptime and reliability.

2. Security & Compliance

Data loss is unbearable in the modern age. Yet, business data is its most valuable asset. Colocation offers multi-layer security for protecting both your data and your infrastructure. There are many things to ensure the best protection at many levels. Some are encryption mechanisms, firewalls, and IDS systems. 

3. Good Scalability

IT demands also increase when your business grows. Colocation helps companies grow by making it easy to scale. Scaling the services as per the need is great for companies. They can quickly provision the Rackspace in less time. They get the flexibility required for deploying new applications. 

All these things are necessary to control the risk factor. Businesses hesitate to make huge investments. They fear that application growth could be less than expected. 

Colocation would help you scale with less risk. Whether demands increase or decrease is not an issue. The business that goes for colocation can scale with peace of mind. They do not have to worry about infrastructure or support in the process. It is an incredible level of flexibility. You can also scale down if growth is less than expected.

4. Higher Uptime & Reliability

Scaling is one of the parts of the journey. For long-term success, you need the best uptime and reliability. Both vary from provider to provider. Most colocation vendors do have redundancy measures. 

They ensure that their services run continuously, even during power outages. For this, they arrange more than one backup power option. Redundancy does not let you go offline due to a physical disaster or unexpected event.

Sometimes, services go down just because of high traffic. Once, even the Amazon website crashed during maintenance activities of the data center. Colocation comes with bursting capabilities. So, you can deal with the traffic bursts without investing in any new infrastructure.

5. Day & Night Support

Colocation allows you to enjoy IT support across many mediums. The support departments help you with various problems. They would manage your troubleshooting requests. Also, they proactively address security issues. They are constantly working to minimize downtime. 

The on-site IT team is always active so that you can relax. They spare your team’s time for more critical and business-oriented activities. They can invest their time in activities that help increase revenue.

Putting It All Together

Data center colocation helps companies expand their businesses in many ways. Their focus on security is strong, and they are always prepared for emergencies. Moreover, they have industry-standard equipment. A low-cost colocation data center is the best choice that businesses can make.  


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