A critical requirement for starting or successfully running a business is the allocation of capital. This could be to invest it in a new venture or develop on the old establishment. A sound financial plan is vital for your business to maximize profits and growth while minimizing the cost of operation. Generally, business owners seek loans to fund their activities. And if your business is unable to get the required capital from the bank, then you may apply for Short term business loans from a different lender or the Small Business Administration (SBA). Short term loan are the best type of loans for retail businesses.


  1. They’re quick: The process of application and sanction of your loan is accessible and time-efficient. Thus, a short term loan provides you with fast capital for quick operation for retail businesses. The application process of a loan for retail businesses is shorter and requires lesser information than conventional bank loans. This is beneficial if you have due expenses to care for in the near future and cannot wait for a long process of approval.
  2. Subsidized rates of interest: The Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojna is meant for small and medium scale businesses which are new ventures in the business market. This scheme provides financial assistance to the educated and unemployed youth and financially deprived women who lack the resources to invest in a new retail business venture. The loans are provided at subsidized rates of interest to encourage skill-based self-employment generation. Thus, under this scheme, you can also eliminate the possibility of hefty interest rates for short term business loans.
  3. Simple application process: The application process for short term business loans is simpler and requires less paperwork than conventional loans. In fact, these applications can usually be completed online, which saves you the time and energy spent on repeated visits to a bank.
  4. Easy to qualify: As compared to the traditional business loans, which have strict requirements for a sanction, the short term business loans are lenient and easy to qualify for. Even if your retail business has a limited or poor credit score, you are likely to get approved for a short term business loan as the lender is not strict about your personal or business credit score.
  5. Rise of start-ups that provide short term business loans: The previous system of loans excluded medium, small and retail businesses from obtaining loans due to the uncertainty of profits. However, due to the contemporary financial system, several start-ups have started providing short term business loans to retail businesses. The financial assistance provided is either without any collateral or by connecting smaller businesses to large financial institutions for quick and easy loans.
  6. Introduction of GST: Before the introduction of GST in India, the small to medium and retail businesses did not have proper documentation and bank statements. This made it very difficult for them to extract loans from private financial institutions and banks.

However, under the GST scheme, the small and medium business ventures follow proper documentation to get tax credit under the umbrella GST structure. It provides enough paperwork for financial institutes to check for the cash flow and decide whether a business is creditworthy or not. This helped the businesses get the necessary funding required to boost their growth.


Government policies like the “Pradhan Mantri Rozgar Yojna”, “Prime Minister’s Employment Generation Plan” helped to boost the development of indigenous entrepreneurship and skill-based business ventures. The process of getting financial aid for your start-up idea is now simple and affordable.

The importance of self-employment through business ventures has led several financial institutes to provide you with the necessary financial help. Among them,  the best type of loan for retail businesses is undoubtedly the Short Term Business Loan.  Indifi offers quick short term business loans up to 50 lakhs INR within 24 hours of the application so that no new plan or new venture of yours remains stagnant due to financial crisis.

Indifi is a market leader in short term business loans as it offers financial aid with your choice of tenure and mode of repayment. With Indifi, you require the minimum documentation and absolutely no collaterals to get your loan sanctioned. Multiple lenders on Indifi increase the chances of your loan application being approved. We take care of your start-up plan being operational as soon as possible and in a hassle-free way. You can also consult what’s the best business loan the fit for you.






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