Affordable Methods of Staying Warm This Winter

Energy bills aren’t getting any less expensive no matter where you live, which means that if your location experiences low temperatures in the winter months, you may be concerned about how you will be able to keep yourself and your family warm. Not only is it uncomfortable to be cold for any length of time, but it is also dangerous to your health. Keeping your body at a healthy temperature is vital if you want to prevent illness, so here are a few affordable methods of staying warm during the colder parts of the year.

Warm Clothing

The most affordable option for keeping warm in the long term is to invest in clothing that has insulating properties. Different fabrics are better at retaining heat than others, so opt for materials such as wool, fleece, down, and thick cotton. Layer items of clothing on top of each other so that the air between each layer can trap the heat from your body, keeping you warm for longer. Make sure to protect your extremities such as your hands and feet by wearing gloves and socks, since these body parts tend to become cold quickest. Hats are also surprisingly effective at keeping in your body heat since the head loses heat rapidly when uncovered.

Efficient Heating

To save money on energy bills, be more strategic about how you use your home’s heating system. Make sure that the radiators in each room are fully functional and suited to the space. If in doubt, take a look at the varieties available at Turn on your heating for a short period of time then turn it off again, allowing your home to warm up and retain the heat. Of course, this relies upon your home having sufficient insulation to prevent the loss of energy.

Keep Doors Closed

Smaller spaces are much better at retaining heat than larger ones. This means that keeping the doors between rooms in your home closed will make it easier to keep warm. Prevent heat from escaping by blocking any gaps at the bottom of your doors or around your windows.

Good Insulation

Insulation is key to keeping your home warm affordably. Although the initial costs of having high quality insulation installed may seem steep, it is more than worth it to ensure that your home remains warm with minimal energy use during the winter months. Similarly, well-insulated windows are at least double-glazed and should have adequate covering, whether in the form of blinds or curtains. Some window coverings are designed specifically to be thermal and therefore retain heat in a room.


Having plenty of soft and comfortable blankets around your home will help you to ignore the chill. Place blankets on pieces of furniture that might get cold, such as anything made from wood or leather. Thicker blankets for your bed will also help to keep you warm at night. Again, choose materials known for their heat-retentive properties.

Hopefully some of these tips have helped you discover new and effective ways to keep yourself and your family warm this winter.


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