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Bitcoin is highly volatile, but you can earn a huge return from your Bitcoin transaction. You can invest your funds on bitcoin and other crypto currencies, and you can choose an exchange like Bitcoin Era for the same. It is a trusted platform by many investors can purchase and sell different types of crypto currencies. Apart from investing your funds, you can also earn bitcoin and reward. You can mine crypto to earn such rewards. The mining process requires high energy computers that consumes high electricity to solve some problems that are mathematical and complex. These are also required to validate a transaction. Once you validate a transaction with bitcoin by adding a new block to its blockchain, you will get a reward.

Before you start crypto mining, you must check the following FAQs:

What is mining?

Bitcoin mining can be referred as a real complex and computing process and you need to use some complicated computing code to validate a transaction with bitcoin. It is known as cryptographic system. Government can use some secret code to keep their resources secured. Similarly, bitcoin use the cryptographic system for mining bitcoin.

What to invest as miner?

A serious amount of investment is required to start bitcoin mining. Earlier, people used to use their PC for mining bitcoin, but now it is a highly competitive market and more than a million miners are working on the same blockchain. To complete a transaction and adding a block, you can take maximum ten minutes, and miners completed such coding and math problems faster can get the reward.

Is it eco-friendly?

Elon Musk has declared that his company will not accept bitcoin as a payment mode for Tesla, and he has stated that his company will not going to invest or accept any payment mode that can harm the environment. So, bitcoin mining is not an eco-friendly process because it requires lot of energy and it can increase the carbon emission. But, miners can control and save the energy by using some advanced equipment.

What is mining pool?

Mining pools are the group of miners where people around the world can work on the bitcoin blockchain as a collaborative project. If you want to become a successful miner and want to solve such computing problems faster than you can join such pools and work with other miners.

What is hashrate?

As a miner, you need to solve some complex math problems, which are known as hashes. Hasrate is the speed of a miner. For example, if you solve a problem and add a block successfully within two minutes then your hashrate is 2 minutes.

In Bitcoin Mining, what is proof of work?

You must know that you are not working alone on the bitcoin blockchain and there are thousand miners are working on the same blockchain to solve the same equation. So, once you solve such problems and validate a transaction, you need to show the proof of work, and it means that you are the first miner who has solved this particular problem.

Why would you mine?

There are two benefits of bitcoin mining. First, you will get bitcoin as a reward after successfully adding a new block to the blockchain, and you can use your coins later or add them to your investment portfolio. Secondly, you can learn about cryptography and cryptocurrencies by mining bitcoin.

What types of equipment required for bitcoin mining?

If you want to mine bitcoin as solo miner then you need to invest a huge amount to set up an infrastructure. In this case, you can mine with a graphics processing unit or you can choose an application specific integrated circuit (ASIC).  Your computers or laptops are equipped with a central processing unit, which can handle some basic tasks, but you cannot use them for mining bitcoin.

How to reduce mining cost?

Apart from investing a huge fund on bitcoin mining equipment, you need to use high speed internet connection and you have to spend a recurrent amount as power consumption cost. To reduce your cost, you can use solar panels on your roof or garden, and you must select an internet service provider that can offer unlimited internet access at less cost.


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