All About ‘You Load, Movers Drive”, To Move Successfully Using Moving Trailer!!!

There are three main transportation options when one chooses to move by oneself such as a moving truck on rental, a portable storage container, and a moving trailer. Here we will discuss more about the moving trailers and how it is an affordable and a more convenient option to move. Check out these details as shared by the experts at, one of the leading moving service platforms;

What do you mean by “YOU LOAD, MOVERS DRIVE”, with a moving trailer?

Moving a trailer is the best option to save your money. This option is categorized as a mid-way of full-service movers which includes renting a truck from any truck rental agency that you have to load as well as unload on your own. Here it will be the responsibility of the professional driver to drive the truck to your destination therefore if you don’t have any experience in driving a large vehicle then getting the moving trailer on a rental is just the right option for you.

How does “you load, movers drive’ moving trailer” work?

Firstly, you will need to contact different trailer companies to procure estimates of the transportation cost and the size of the trailer you will need to load your belongings. Transportation cost varies according to the volume of belongings, number and size of trailers you choose as per your move size, fuel expenses and distance to be traveled.

After hiring a trailer company according to your budget, the company will drop the required size of the trailer at your home some days before the actual moving day. You will have enough days to load your belongings into these trailers. Usually, three days have been given to load the items. After you are done with loading, you can contact the company and it will send professional drivers to pick up the trailers. It will be their responsibility to drive trailers loaded with your stuff to the destination described by you.

Benefits of using moving trailer!!!

Moving a trailer is an affordable option:

When reallocating long distances, then renting a moving trailer is the most affordable way. The cost of renting moving trailers depends on the number of trailers needed as well as on the size of the trailers. And these are easily available in the busy season, making it the best choice for last-minute planners. Get price costs from different moving trailer companies to rent the trailer at a minimum price and to get the best available deal in the market.

Helps to protect your possessions during the move:

Moving trailers are well-equipped with ramps, rub rails, and heavy-duty rings which make it easier to load the boxes into it and also, tie-down your possessions so that they remain in their place when in transit. Make sure that all the furniture items and other appliances are properly padded and wrapped with bubble wraps so that these items can be protected from any scratch or damage.

On-time delivery of belongings:

There is no need to worry about the delivery of your belongings at your destination when renting a moving trailer. The company is responsible for transporting your items to the new place, on the pre-decided day. You will not have to wait for days to get your stuff after shifting.

Pay only for space you require:

You will be charged only for space you require in a moving trailer and you don’t have to pay for the entire trailer. The less the space you will use the less you need to pay for it.

You don’t need to drive a large vehicle:

Generally, common people don’t have any experience in driving a large vehicle such as the moving truck therefore they don’t want to get the moving truck on the rental because it associates with a risk. By hiring the moving trailer, you don’t need to drive any large vehicle and it will be the responsibility of the professionals to drive it and to transport the stuff to the destination.

Get enough time to load the home stuff:

Usually, you will get enough time such as three days to load the entire home stuff into the moving trailer therefore you don’t need to hire additional manpower to do the loading faster and you can do the entire task as per your pace and schedule. It makes the process easier and convenient.

Considering these benefits, you could choose the option of hiring a moving trailer when moving by yourself.

Hiring professional movers to load the trailer!!!

Lifting and loading heavy items into a trailer requires lots of energy as it is a very exhausting process. It is difficult for a normal person to do all this alone. Therefore, you can hire a professional mover to reduce your hard work. Usually, professional movers are well versed in loading the trailer efficiently. They stack up boxes in such a way that it helps to save space in the trailer and also it is ensured that your belongings are safe when in transit.


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