All There Is To Know About CCNA Certification

The Cisco Certified Network Associate is a globally recognized certification. It is respected and recognized all around the world. 

People belonging to the IT field and having a background in networking usually opt for this certification. The certificate guarantees that anyone who has passed the exam has excellent knowledge of switched and routed networks. 

Various sources can be used to prepare for these exams. For instance, SPOTO CCNA can be used to prepare for Cisco Certified Network Professional. 

Read this article to find out more about CCNA. 

Formatting and prerequisites

There are no prerequisites set by Cisco for the CCNA exam. However, the paper format is clear. 

It is a 90 minutes long exam. It consists of various topics such as Wide Area Network and Land Area Network designs, OSI models, and IP addressing. 

In addition to this, the exam consists of VLAN and WLAN, routers or routing protocol, and Network Security and Management.

In addition to this, the exam consists of VLAN and WLAN, routers or routing protocol, syslog configuration, and Network Security and Management.

To prepare for the CCNA exams, you can always get help from various sources such as SPOTO dumps. 

Also, there are various other tests, such as CCNA Security, CCNA Wireless, etc., that you can opt for. This will help you gain knowledge of a specific subject of networking. 

Validity of the certificate 

The validity of a CCNA certification is three years. After candidates complete this period, candidates have to appear for the exam again. 

This is done because progressive changes are occurring in the field of technology. Hence, to make sure candidates understand modern technology, they have to take these exams every three years. 

If you are a certified professional, you can appear for exams like Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert or Cisco Certified Network Professional. 

The eligibility criteria for the exams

To be eligible to take this exam, a student must have done the two following courses. 

You must have passed the ICND1 exam and the ICND 2 exam. In addition to this, you must have passed the combined CCNA exams. 

How can CCNA benefit you? 

CCNA Certification in Seattle is globally recognized. Candidates with this certification are respected, and there is a great demand for them in the job industry. 

This is because these certified candidates have extensive knowledge of networking. Thus, employers are happy to employ them. 

Moreover, with this certification, candidates receive high-paying jobs. This happens because these candidates have excellent knowledge and expertise in networking. Hence, employers are ready to pay them higher wages. 


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