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All You Need To Know About Cleaning And Maintaining Curtains

Curtains draw lots of dirt and dust which makes them look dusty and fade. Hence, regular curtain cleaning becomes important. This article is a brief guide about various cleaning techniques and tips to clean and maintain your curtains.

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Before cleaning you need to check the label given on your curtains which describe the tips of washing given by its manufacturer. For example, curtains made from velvet or silk need washing by blotting method using mild soap, on the other hand, curtains made from thick material can be washed in a washing machine.

Simple hand washing tips for your curtains

Hand washing is the safest option to employ for curtains. For making it easier, you can use a mild soap that does not prove to be harmful to your curtains. After choosing a detergent, you also need to read the instructions and then use it accordingly. To wash curtains of fabrics like lace, velvet or silk, you need to use only cold water. Never use brushes or another cleaning tool as they can ruin the fabric of your curtain. If your curtain fabric is heavy, then steam or dry cleaning is the best option. You can also air-dry your curtains for better results. You can also get professional curtain cleaning services to get your curtain washed perfectly.

Easy tips for curtain dry cleaning-

Dry cleaning is the best method for cleansing colourful and light curtains. Other washing techniques might lead to damage or shrinkage in such curtains. So, you need to be a lot careful while handling such curtains. For checking that your fabric is adaptable to a particular soap or detergent, you can also apply that soap to a small area of the curtain and see if its colour fades or the fabric damages. This is a great way of preventing damage due to the wrong use of detergent. Also, if you have dark coloured curtains, then make sure that your wash them differently and do not mix them with the light coloured ones.

Tips for curtain steam cleaning-

If you prefer the steam cleaning method for curtain cleaning, then know that it is the best alternative. Steam cleaning can eliminate dust, dirt and also ensure that your curtains are safe from damage. For properly cleaning your curtain, you can move the machine upwards and downwards covering it completely. This will clean the stains thoroughly and also keep the curtains in a good condition.

Tips to wash your curtains in a machine-

Machine curtain wash is convenient, easy and simple. You need to remember that certain fabrics will shrink if you use ho water. So, you need to seek consultation from your machine manufacture and understand the special provisions made for washing curtains. Moreover, you need to avoid the use of harsh detergents and bleach to keep your curtains intact for a long time.

Tips for drying your curtains after curtain cleaning-

If you do not dry your curtains properly after washing them, it may lead to a bad smell and foul odour. So, to dry your curtains completely you need to hand them in an open space so that it dries naturally with a breeze. Avoid hanging dark coloured curtains in harsh sunlight as harsh sunrays might fade out its colour. Rather than keeping your dark curtains in harsh sunlight, you

can hand them in a well-ventilated room so that they dry out completely without fading.

Tips for maintaining your curtains after cleaning-

Curtain cleaning and maintenance need a lot of time and effort. It may need an entire day to clean and dry your curtains. So, if you are aware of how to maintain them perfectly, then you might not need to clean them frequently. For maintaining your curtains in a good manner, you can use a good quality dehumidifier which helps you prevent moisture build up and mould infestation in your curtains. Also, you can use blotting, deodorizing and steam cleaning methods on your curtains so that your curtains are free from small stains and foul odour. Also, to maintain your curtains properly, you can vacuum your curtains frequently while cleaning your room or beat and loosen the dirt and dust from your curtains and then vacuum them thoroughly.

Here are some prime points which you need to remember while cleaning your curtains-

  • Use a vacuum attachment which is specially designed to clean curtains.
  • Vacuum clean your curtains regularly while housecleaning. You can also wash curtains after a couple of months.
  • Make sure that the detergent or soap which you use for curtain cleaning does not have a bad impact on your curtains.
  • Dust and dry your curtain after washing.
  • Do not dry your curtains on wooden bars as they might lead to staining.

Curtain cleaning and maintenance is extremely important for keeping your home clean and your family healthy. So, no matter what fabric is used for making your curtain, you can always keep them in a good condition by using the correct techniques. However, if you wish to negate even the slightest risk of curtain damage then you can consider hiring professional curtain cleanings for this task. These professionals are experts in their tasks and can employ the best techniques to clean your curtains perfectly.

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