All you need to know about U part wig

In the wig industry, u part wig is a brand new item introduced a short while ago. As the name of this wig refers, these wigs come with a U shape on the top of the lace wig. U part wigs are very comfortable as well as gives you a fabulous natural look. Furthermore, for lace wig beginners, a U-part wig is a perfect option to choose.

These u part wigs are made with a combination of the lace wig and sewn. A part of these wigs is made of natural hair. You can flat down that part and blend it with the top hair. It is going to give an extremely natural and realistic look.

Here’re some reasons why you should choose u part hair wig.

Save time

The process of wearing a curly u part wig is very simple and takes very little time. You don’t have to worry about sewing on individual tracks. Everyone, including beginners, can easily install a curly u part wig in just a couple of minutes.

Various hairstyles

You can adopt any hairstyle while using u part hair wigs as these wigs are very flexible with hairstyles. Moreover, it does not take much time to change a hairstyle.

Combing your hair

U part hair wigs let you comb your hair daily. In addition, you can wash and do your hair care routine on your hair, as these wigs will give you easy access to your hair.

Stop hair loss

A u-shaped wig is ideal for those with weak hairline or if their hair could not bear the tight stitching of braids. Furthermore, these wigs are extremely beneficial in preventing hair loss.

Here’s how to install a curly u part wig

  1. First of all, you will have to measure your head, just place u part wig over your head and know how much hair you will have to part for getting a natural look.
  2. Then, part your hair using rattail combat your crown to match the shape of u part wig.
  3. After you have the part of your hair in good shape, make your remaining hair as flat as you can. This will make your u part wig able to lay evenly. Then make a small Dutch braid or twist to the ends to kick things off. You can also use some gel to help the stands remain in their place if you are working with short stands.
  4. Place your wig over the head and to cover your braids or twist, snap the clips.
  5. U part wigs normally come with an adjustable strap and clips. So if you need to get the right fit, you can place the adjustable strap over your head to secure your wig. This will help your wig to remain in place.
  6. Afterward, you will have to disguise the hair extensions on your wig. To get a perfect look, comb your hair using a wide-tooth comb after releasing the hair part from the sides and crown of the head.


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