Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds are your ticket to paradise, and you’re about to learn why.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is a blend of landrace genetics from both sides of the planet. 

Every branch, leaf, and bud showcases its stellar heritage, granting this cultivar high resin production, generous yields, mouth-watering aromas, and an effect profile to keep you coming back for more.

These grower’s choice plants deserve a place in every at-home cannabis garden. It’s time for you to learn about Amnesia Haze feminized and join its worldwide fanbase. Let’s jump into it.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds description

Amnesia Haze feminized has a misleading name. This pot leaves you clear-headed, not fuzzy or hazy. Plus, you remember every second of the majestic high. Given its excellence, though, the stoner community finds it easy to forgive the naming mishap.

This strain is a favorite in Amsterdam coffee shops, which already speaks volumes of quality. It also holds many awards, including the gold in the 2004 High Times Cannabis Cup. It was the Best Sativa in the same tournament in 2012. 

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds develop into green beauties, with lush minty and deeper green foliage shimmering with white trichomes as it matures. Its long pistils adorn the gorgeous structure, which later reveals heaps of round fiery buds, sticky as sticky gets.

Every flower oozes exotic fruit scents—a reminder of its tropical heritage—underpinned with muskier, mature notes to thrill connoisseurs. The adventure doesn’t stop at the flavor profile, either. Each puff makes you euphoric, creative, and ready to savor the heart and soul of life.

Before singing praises about this cultivar, let’s run through the basic strain info for Amnesia Haze feminized marijuana seeds.

Type Sativa-dominant hybrid
Genetics Original Amnesia Haze
THC 16%–20%
CBD Up to 2%
Flowering time 8–9 weeks
Yield 21 oz./m² indoor / 28 oz./plant outdoor
Growing difficulty Intermediate
Dominant terpenes Alpha pinene, myrcene, limonene
Flavor Earthy, fruity, spicy
Effects Energizing, cerebral, uplifting


If these first-rate qualities aren’t enough by themselves to inspire you to buy weed seeds, let’s explore in more depth and discover everything this strain has to offer. 

Amnesia Haze feminized effects

Amnesia Haze feminized flowers are the stuff of dreams. Their potency is moderate enough not to overpower a rookie. Still, the THC hit is powerful, taking you on a wild ride that lasts for long, enjoyable hours. What happens when you light it up, then?

The initial inhale leaves a smile stretched across your face, and fits of giggles continue long into the high. Deep euphoria erases the last hints of negativity, leaving only carefree joy that makes you feel on top of the world. 

The cerebral effects go deeper than just mood alteration. Your mind becomes open to new ideas, and you see things in a different, more creative light. This new outlook brings about a boost of motivation to perform a task, hang out with a friend, or pursue any other activity that might spark your interest.

This mental kick converts into physical energy. Your limbs become light and limber, and you move and groove, partaking in activities—from sex to a workout—with a renewed appreciation of every sensation coming your way. 

This energizing head high makes Amnesia Haze feminized seed-grown plants your best friend for wake ‘n’ bake and daytime use. Whether you have a list of tasks to complete or an active day of all things good in life planned, these buds give you a nudge in the right direction.

There’s a lot of healing potential to this strain, too. Its motivating, uplifting qualities do wonders against mood disorders, helping you gain a fresh perspective on your issues and ultimately overcome them. 

While its indica contents are low, it’s still a powerful fighter against pain and discomfort. It also works as an appetite stimulant that sends you right to your kitchen for a wholesome, nourishing meal.

Amnesia Haze feminized flavors

Sativa dominance gives cannabis plants delightful scents of sweet fruit and exotic spices, and Amnesia Haze feminized is no exception. Its aromatic bouquet is enchanting upon the first whiff. The charm only grows stronger when you get toking. 

Smells of summer come out to greet you upon breaking open the buds. The base is wet earth, but its richness is light, not overpowering. Citrus and pepper stand as top notes, tickling your sense of smell and getting your mouth to water. 

These fragrances only grow stronger upon combustion. Fruity aromas appear, making the entire affair sweet and spicy. Your entire room will smell like a lemon field after rain, but there won’t be any thick fog that irritates the lungs and makes eyes water. 

The fragrances translate to the flavor, but it’s much more complex on your tongue. Notes of herbs and lemon fill your mouth on the inhale, while fresh fruit aromas tingle your taste buds and coat your tongue in sweetness. 

An aftertaste of rich pepper lingers long after your smoking session, reminding you of the blast you had with Amnesia Haze feminized. 

This flavor profile is a middle-of-the-road option between stinky indica cannabis and fruit salad sativa herbs. It’s suitable for novices and those with irritable throats. On the other hand, the smoke is so elaborate that connoisseurs spend long hours detecting each layer of the aromatic bouquet. 

How to germinate Amnesia Haze feminized seeds

Germination is the first step towards a flourishing weed garden. Sprouting your cannabis seeds informs the hormones beneath the shell that it’s time to start their journey from seedling to harvest.

You’d germinate Amnesia Haze feminized seeds the same way you would any other weed seed. This straightforward at-home process lays a solid foundation for future prosperity—why skip it?

There are endless germination technique suggestions on weed cultivation blogs. Many of them do the job, but not all have identical success rates. In our minds, sticking to what we know works is the safest, most effective way to get everything right. 

Today, we’ll suggest and break down two such techniques—seed soaking and paper towel methods. Neither requires any extra equipment, making them a go-to for at-home growers. Pick one and germinate your feminized Amnesia Haze seeds quickly and easily.

The seed soaking method is as follows:

  1. Get a glass of purified, lukewarm water. Transparent glasses are ideal, as they let you see the seeds.
  2. Leave the glass in a warm, dark place overnight. Let them stay soaked for around 12 hours. 
  3. Take out any seed that’s sprouted a taproot and leave the others to soak further. 
  4. Repeat until the 36-hour mark. After that, your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds become susceptible to rot.

This method is especially useful for older seeds since harder shells need extra time to let out the taproot. Don’t despair if not all sprout after hour 36. Leave the rest in a warm, dark location, and they’ll likely activate with time.

Alternatively, germinate with the paper towel method. Here’s how it works step-by-step:

  1. Get a plate, paper towels, purified water, and tweezers.
  2. Moisten one paper towel and lay it on your plate, checking to remove any puddles that might’ve formed. 
  3. Using your tweezers, lay your Amnesia Haze feminized seeds on the paper towel an inch apart. Repeat for each seed you want to sprout.
  4. Cover the seeds with another moist paper towel. Leave the plate in a warm location for 24 hours. 
  5. Check back in after 24 hours and remove any germinated seeds. 
  6. Keep checking daily until all seeds have sprouted.

This technique is pretty spot-on, but it can take up to five days for all seeds to germinate. Don’t lose hope, but keep moistening and checking until you’ve reached total success.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds grow information

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds pose an intermediate challenge for the grower. Those with some experience under their belts find it massively gratifying, though. Plus, Amnesia Haze seeds feminized version eliminates the risk of pollination, making things a bit easier overall.

These babies have predominantly tropical origins. They need warmth, humidity, sunlight exposure, and ample airflow from day one to eventually thrive into four-to-five feet tall beauties carrying massive amounts of fresh, fragrant flowers. 

Pests could be an issue, too, especially in outdoor setups. Keep a close eye on your crops to bypass this susceptibility, and the payoff is jaw-dropping. The colas become red fire sprinkled with resin, their smell tempting you to harvest early into flowering. 

It’s usually a better idea to start your feminized Amnesia Haze seeds indoors. 

A controlled setup lets you maintain a 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit range and 50% to 60% relative humidity, ideal for development. The Screen of Green training technique is a good idea, too, ensuring abundant light exposure to each bud site. Do it right, and 21 oz. of frosty buds await after nine weeks of flowering.

Weed farmers in warm, sunny climates can sow their Amnesia Haze feminized seeds outdoors, too. In this case, pick a sunny location and leave sufficient stretching room between crops. Keep your trimmings regular, and you can expect 28 oz. of buds per cannabis plant in late October.

Amnesia Haze feminized seeds genetics

This strain is a bit of a puzzle. Of course, we know that feminized Amnesia Haze seeds derive from its regular variant, bred to produce only female cannabis plants. How the original came about is shrouded in mystery, though. 

We know that this cultivar originates from crops grown in natural environments. This landrace gene pool suggests stability and quality.

Breeders and seed banks find it hard to determine the exact landraces responsible for Amnesia Haze feminized. Here’s the best guess:

  • A Jamaican sativa on one side, responsible for the energetic, creative high and the mellow earth-and-fruits flavor. 
  • A sweet South Asian indica as the other parent, complementing the more energetic sativa for a balanced high.

The inherent qualities of Amnesia Haze feminized seeds make them a base for many new crosses. Breeders looking to create an uplifting, energizing new cultivar rely on the wonderful traits of this cannabis strain. 

Nothing tends to beat the original, though. In the case of Amnesia Haze, we’d say that it’s a superstar in its own right.

Where to buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds 

Are you ready to buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds and start your cultivation journey? We have your back with these handy tips.

A garden of top-shelf cannabis plants depends on two things—good growing practices and high-quality seeds. It’s a priority to purchase from reliable distributors with experience and a solid reputation.

Get your Amnesia Haze seeds from the best seed banks around to set yourself up for success. You want only A1 products with stable genetics, backed by real reviews to prove quality

Look for a germination guarantee to avoid any wasted money and disappointment. A warranty of fem cannabis only is a big plus, too.

We’re making a straightforward point here, but one that can make or break your growing experience

Order your feminized Amnesia Haze seeds from a company such as Homegrown Cannabis Co. that proves its quality through partnerships with industry titans and long years in the weed world. It’s the best way to join the club of Amnesia Haze enjoyers. 

Lose yourself in absolute delight

Are you looking for your next favorite wake ‘n’ bake herb? Perhaps you’re in the market for a strain to boost your mood and get you partying the night away, or you need a pick-me-up in trying times. Whatever the case may be, Amnesia Haze feminized is the answer.

These cannabis plants are worth every minute of gardening effort. Once you cure the buds, smooth sailing ensues, underpinned with a gorgeous natural perfume and an unrelenting euphoria that permeates every cell of your being. 

Buy Amnesia Haze feminized seeds and join a community of weed enthusiasts in love with this strain. Tick this legend off your to-smoke list and keep coming back to experience the best of cannabis, condensed in one sticky flower.


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