An Insight into Some of the Most Amazing Calabrian Products

Calabrian Products are something which we know a little about. Here we are for you for letting you know some of the best ones.

The Products you should look into:

  • Nougat is made in the Municipality of BagnaraCalabra in Calabria with the best prodotti tipici calabrese, which is in the province of Reggio Calabria and not far from the Messina Strait. This nougat results from generations of nougat makers in Bagnara, Italy, who used special techniques like “the monk’s cloak” and “the vitreous break” to make it.
  • To keep the polenta from getting lumpy, it is cooked in salted water and constantly stirred with a wooden spoon. The polenta is made and put on a serving dish. The meat sauce is then poured on top
  • Capocollo di Calabria, a dry-cured pork neck, is thought to be the region’s crowning achievement. Ancient Greek colonies brought this tasty food to southern Italy. After the meat has been salted and drained, peppercorns and Calabrese chili powder are sprinkled on it, and then it is put on a stick and served.
  • The pork neck is wrapped in “Pelle di sugna,” which is the lining of a pig’s stomach for at least 100 days. Capocollo di Calabria is usually served as an appetizer with a large slice of warm, crusty sourdough bread made in a wood-fired oven and a glass of robust red wine.
  • Moscato di Saracena is a sweet wine from Calabria that is made in the area of Cosenza called Saracena. Some of the local grapes used to make the wine are Guarnaccia, Malvasia, Duraca, and Muscat (Moscatello di Saracena). There are two kinds of must used in making wine in the area.
  • Moscato di Saracena wines are the most common. They range in color from bright gold to amber. They taste like honey, dates, figs, candied fruit, and tropical fruits.
  • Calabrian soda coffee Brasilena is a drink that does not contain alcohol. The drink is made with a mix of coffee smells and mineral water. It is a fizzy drink known for its dark brown color, medium amount of carbonation, and strong coffee flavor.
  • Since 1982, when it was first made in Calabria, Apulia, Sicily, and Campania, where it quickly gained a cult following, it has been on the market. Also, it is sold in many places around the world. A company that makes the drink in Calabria is called Acqua Calabria.
  • Crotone, the province is a significant part of Calabria, makes Alto Crotonese oil. This oil is a lovely deep gold color with a greenish tint. It tastes mild and has a fruity, slightly bitter aftertaste. Alto Crotonese is one of the lighter oils from Calabria. It has less than 0.7g of oleic acid per 100g.
  • Potato (Otto) figs are used to make Cosenza dried figs in the Calabrian provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro, which are between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Seas and have a warm Mediterranean climate. The pulp is straw yellow to light beige, and there aren’t many seeds. The figs are small and not very crisp, and they don’t have the best taste.
  • Fichi di Cosenza tastes like honey, and the aftertaste is lovely. They can be kept in a cool, dry place for a long time. Crocetti di Fichi, a traditional Calabrian dessert made of baked dried figs filled with nuts, almonds, and candied lemon or orange peel, goes well with cheese as an appetizer.

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